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Cocaine & Addiction

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In 2017, more than twenty million of the world’s population was under the effect of C17H21NO4 (cocaine). A highly addictive, stimulating drug, cocaine completely takes over the mental and physical capabilities of an individual. 

What is Cocaine?

Cocaine is found in the cocoa plant and is extracted from a shrub named Erythroxylyn. It is primarily found in the mountainous and forest regions of South American countries like Colombia, Peru, Chile, and Bolivia. The entire harvest does not have the same level of cocaine in it, thus the leaves with the extreme level of drug effects are handpicked and sent over to local extraction units. In these units, the leaves are soaked in different chemicals to extract the stimulating agent. It is then packed into small bricks and sent illicitly all around the globe.  

The History of Cocaine

The powers of cocaine have been known to mankind since the 18th century. But, it wasn’t until the early 20th century, when the powers of cocaine were greatly abused, that laws were enforced regarding its use. Today petitions are still in action to reduce substance abuse and create awareness about the signs of addiction

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How is Cocaine Used?

Cocaine is illegally sold through different setups and pretenses all around the world. The white crystal appearance is basically the diluted hydrochloric chlorine version (which has a bitter taste). The commonly used ‘crack’ is in powder form and is available in different shades of white and light yellow color depending on its intensity.

There are various methods of using this fuel all depending on the personal tolerance and liking of the addict.  The famous ways of using the drug include:

  • Direct inhale of the powder through the nose
  • Heating the cocaine and inhaling the gaseous form
  • The drug is made into a cigarette and smoked like a cigarette
  • Rubbing on the gums and taking the effect a little at a time
  • Injecting through shots directly in the blood stream

The Immediate Effects of Coke Use:

The immediate effects of the drug include a sudden change in mood-extreme happiness; having alert senses; an expression of irritation through various forms like itching, redness of the skin; social withdrawal as the user feels danger from all the others and trusts no one; nausea vomits and distaste to food; increase in body temperature and blood pressure.

Long-term Problems:

Regular intake of the drug can impair both the mental and physical systems of the consumer. The person who inhales through the nose in the long term experiences a runny and bloody nose, a weakened sense of smell accompanied by throat issues. The cigarette smoker over the span of time will experience the general impacts of smoking like; respiratory and lung problems, asthma, and effects of pneumonia, the use of cocaine shall magnify the symptoms and lower the immunity. The use of the drug through the mouth and gums result in digestive issues, along with oral health and dental concerns. Direct injection is considered to have the quickest reaction and satisfaction for the addict; in the same way, the same user is prone to diseases like HIV, hepatitis, and skin and blood cancers much faster; skin infections, blood flow issues, and scarring of tissues and veins also take place.  

Cocaine Addiction & Getting Help

Cocaine is a highly addictive drug; it is extremely difficult to pull out the addict from its clutches. The demand of the addict increases over the span of time, and the consumer shall increase the quantity to satisfy the need and achieve the thrill. Cocaine damages the body to a great extent both in the short and long term.

Cocaine is considered to be one of the most widely used drugs as it provides instant reaction and immediate results. Once the addiction to this poison takes hold of someone, it is difficult to revert back to normal life. Recovery requires an immense amount of will and help from everyone around. Learning about living sober from cocaine is step one. Step two is learning about recovery, and how it is possible for anyone struggling.  Reach out anytime.

Cocaine Addiction FAQ's

Cocaine stays in the system for 1-5 days depending on a wide variety of circumstances.

The properties of cocaine make it useful for better purposes like in the field of medicine. The natural elements present in cocaine which helps in dismissing pain and momentarily overpowering the nerves make it ultimate oral anesthesia. It is used by doctors during certain upper territory respirational procedures. The use is administered and performed using the most dilute form of cocaine solution and by highly qualified professionals only. The lane drug can never be used for any such medical purpose.

Quitting hard substances alone is never easy. Typically, those struggling will need to find a detox center to separate from the drug, then attend some form of outpatient care (if not inpatient rehab).

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