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Recovery from addiction is a beautiful thing. However, finding and maintaining long-term recovery is not always easy. There are many different ways recovery is determined. When we say recovery, we mean the total abstinence from substances AND the connection with something greater than yourself.

Recovery at sunset

Understanding Recovery

Recovery is not always a linear journey. Of course, for the lucky few, it is a possibility. But, for the vast majority of recovering addicts/alcoholics, it takes time to truly get ready to have recovery. The process is also extremely unique to each one of us. So, saying there is one way to find recovery is an extremely obtuse approach. Nevertheless, the journey to recovery may look like the following:

  1. Go to Drug Rehab
  2. Leave treatment with a solid foundation.
  3. After treatment go to a sober living.
  4. Attend IOP/Attend some form of therapy

Some of us take a different path. Collections of people get sober by grit. Some by the great state institutions. A few just attend meetings and find the solution without physically separating from substances. Whatever the solution may be, recovery is attainable to all that seek. 

Long term recovery

Most of us that have been living sober for a few years have noticed that long-term recovery is really only the amount of work we put in. To explain, we are not magically cured when we get off of drugs. That is not how life works. In order to find true freedom (Which differentiates sobriety from recovery), we must consistently work towards a better life. Rewards all come from the work we put in. Period.

Finding Help

Reaching out for help is the first step. Getting into a form of program that focuses on recovery is step two. The next steps would be just continuing to follow suggestions. Recovery is not rocket science. It just requires willingness, dedication, and consistency.