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Client Handbook

This page is dedicated to assisting new clients in their journey within Real Deal. Below you will find our program agreements, rules and regulations, the explanation of our point system, and other basic information that will help you begin your journey of recovery. 

Men's Services Director

Jordan Lill

Phone: (940)-278-9888

Email: [email protected]

Women's Services Director

Kalee Hughes

Phone: (469) 657-5560

Email: [email protected]

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Program Agreement

Does every resident have to sign a program agreement?

Yes. Our program agreement is mandatory for each incoming resident. 

What is inside of the program agreement?

Inside of our agreement, we have the basic information for our program, and lots of legal jargon.

Rules and Regulations

Does every resident have to sign the rules and regulations?

Yes. Our R&R is mandatory for each incoming resident. 

How is the R&R different from the program agreement?

The R&R is unique to the program agreement by specifying the rules to live on the property. 

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UA/Breathalyzer Testing

When are drug tests conducted?

We conduct random UA tests weekly. Usually minimally twice a week per resident.

What about breathalyzer testing?

Breathalyzer testing is done each night at curfew.

Overnight Passes

Do residents get overnight passes?

Yes. Please click below to read the specifics.

When will I be eligle for an overnight?

Each case is different. Generally speaking, after 8 weeks. Read more by clicking the button below.

You Never Have To Feel Alone

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Things To Do

The Phoenix Events

The Phoenix is a wonderful program that offers group classes for free to those in recovery.

Sober Activities

Learning to do things that are fun in recovery is a crucial part of any long-term success plan. Learn about fun things to do in recovery here.

Find a Meeting

AA Meeting Finder

Find information on all the AA meetings in DFW by searching here.

CA Meeting Finder

Find the best CA meetings in the area by searching this list.