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What is Keto?

In simple terms, the Ketogenic diet is a low carbohydrate diet. Substituting carbs with fats and protein, the Keto diet has many benefits beyond quick weight loss.

The keto diet

Early Keto and Dr. Atkins

Keto has been used for centuries to help medical conditions. Initially, it was used to help people with diabetes. And 1921 it was established as a legitimate treatment to help children with epilepsy.[1] Because medicine was continuing its growth, reach and results, Keto became a way to help people with sugar-related internal diseases, who didn’t receive help from typical medications. Today, the Keto diet has continued to be useful in assisting with diseases such as Alzheimer’s, diabetes, and Polycystic ovary syndrome.

The diet Keto started gaining popularity because of the Atkins diet (which is a low carb, high protein diet). The Atkins diet was a big hit in the United States. In 1972, Dr. Atkins published his famous book “Dr. Atkins Diet Revolution”. This study caused a huge debate in medical health society. Dr. Atkins’s study essentially stated that eating fewer carbohydrates creates more weight loss, and without causing hunger. Fast forward a few decades and everyone knows about the Atkins diet. In terms of social recognition, few have played a bigger part in spreading the “Keto” diet than Dr. Atkins 

Weight Loss

As we mentioned in a few other posts, the benefits of the Keto diet are quickly noticed. When we replace incoming carbs with fats, the body essentially goes into a frenzy. Our body then begins to use the stored fat in our system for energy. This is the actual metabolic process called “ketosis”. Typically, we do not reach a state of ketosis for about 3-4 days.[2] Once in a state of ketosis, we may feel a few symptoms such as:

  • Short Term Fatigue
  • Bad Breath
  • Increased Focus
  • Decrease in Performance
  • Insomnia
  • Digestive Issues

Types of Keto Diets

Classic Keto Graph

This type of Keto is for very specific meal planning. Although it is strict, it is a positive way to enter ketosis quickly and ensure rapid weight loss. 

Modified Keto

Modified Keto is for people who want to ease into the process. It will still land you in a state of ketosis, but it is more flexible and easier to maintain initially. 

MCT diet uses

The MCT diet uses a fat supplement which is only MCT fats. MCT fat produces more ketones than regular fat. This allows for more carbs and protein in the diet.[3]

Modified Atkins graph

The modified Atkins diet allows for more protein. In fact, the total consumption of protein is unlimited. However, fats must be maintained a 5% to see the total benefits. 

Considerations for Keto

The most important factors in deciding whether Keto is a good fit for you comes down to a few simple points. 


In order to decide whether Keto is a realistic plan for you, you must conclude that you are able to maintain the lifestyle consistently. Keto is not for everyone. And if you live off of carbs and rarely enjoy highly fatty foods, then Keto may not be good for you. 


Keto is usually best for those who are able to work thru the initial fatigue inflicted stages. The beginning few weeks are the hardest to get accustomed to. So, if you work in highly stressful environments, or are subject to manual labor jobs, Keto may not be the most ideal diet. 


With any diet, exercise can help burn extra calories (Weight). But with Keto, you must be weary of exercising in the initial stages. Because of its common symptoms of fatigue and lower initial performance, Keto could drastically affect your ability to maintain exercise. 


Unfortunately, some people will not come to understand their mental capacity for Keto until it affects their lives. Keto can be draining mentally. And only those who can maintain a healthy mind will be successful in creating a healthy body.

Keto Closing Statements

Keto can be an amazing tool to use for weight loss. It can also be crucial for helping combat serious diseases. However, for the vast majority of us, Keto and its realistic plan for our lives will come down to preference. Any diet can work if we stick to it. So, choose the Keto diet because its something you can see yourself sticking to long term.

If you are struggling with weight loss or understand the Keto diet, reach out to us. All conversations are free and confidential.