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Diet is crucial in life. The term “diet” is not meant to be confused with a diet fad, but simply meaning “food or drink regularly provided or consumed”. [1] We sometimes overlook the importance of creating and maintaining a healthy diet. Beyond it’s impact on the longevity of our lives, a proper diet will also benefit our current mental and physical well being. We are what we eat, and we must be well. 

Living sober and
eating well

You may be asking yourself “Why is a sober living company focused on eating healthy?” Well, for starters, our program is much more than just getting sober. We focus on the entire process of having a great life. We believe that eating healthy is one part of the big picture. Not only does eating healthy produce better physical results (which makes us feel better), but it also helps with our mental state. Eating healthy creates a cycle of confidence, which will transform our lives.

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Diet and

As we have noted, diet can create a cycle of happiness. But, what does that really mean? Does eating good food independently create joy? The simple answer is no. Just eating better does not magically make our lives better. However, there is this crazy thing called “eating happiness”, which includes the feeling we get from eating healthy foods. This eating happiness is real and can be experienced immediately after we eat healthy foods.

However, beyond “eating happiness”, sticking to a good diet can transition into other areas of our lives. Which will make us happier. This means that, yes, eating well is great for our health. But, for our happiness, it is the principal of progress that makes our total life better.

Example diet and happiness

Below we are going to give an example of how (when we diet) our lives get better. Please note the name of the example below is just a substituted name. For privacy, we have left out specific names. However, we have seen countless times where diet has created better outcomes. In fact, it is a rarity when someone eats well and doesn’t do better in life. 


Joe just got sober and decided that he not only wanted to be sober, but he wanted to look and feel good. So, following some simple guidelines, Joe decided to change his diet. The first few weeks were difficult, as most new diets are. Nevertheless, as time passed, Joe became enthralled with his diet. He ate mostly lean meats, green veggies, and complex carbs. He basically followed a simple diet plan from the food we provide at our signature programs.

After a month, Joe noticed significant changes in his physique. But, more important than his physique, Joe started to gain confidence. Not just confidence in his physical state, but his confidence in recovery. He not only was more helpful and more positive, but he wanted to do more for others. After a period of a few months, his entire life was different. He then understood commitment (by sticking to his diet), hard work, and consistency. 

Weight Loss and Weight Gain

Diets, weight loss
and weight gain

Whether you are a pro in dieting or have no idea what you’re doing, we can help you. By understanding weight loss, you can immediately formulate a plan. There are a million and one diets, so choosing one you like is step one. Whether it’s intermittent fasting, the Mediterranean diet or the Keto diet, you can easily see results. The best way to see results is to simply find a diet you can stick to consistently. 

Gaining weight is a different diet entirely. A lot of us, when getting sober, are skinny and unhealthy (to say the least). So, it’s important we learn how to eat foods that will help us put on good weight. If we choose to eat calorie dense foods that have minimal nutrition value, we will gain the wrong kind of weight (And will be stuck having to lose weight in the long run). So, it’s important whether your goals are weight gain or loss, that a proper plan is formulated. 

Our purpose

At Real Deal we have a clear, general focus. We help those struggling with addiction and alcoholism transition into society. However, we don’t believe transitioning is limited to just avoiding drugs and finding a place to live. Our program is much more than that. In fact, sobriety is just the beginning. There is an entire life to explore. So, if you or someone you know is struggling with addiction or alcoholism, and wants a life that is more than just sobriety, apply online today.