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Sober Living with a twist.

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Our sober living program stands apart from the crowd through a focus on accountability, self-improvement, and community. Our amenities at all locations include live-in house managers, regular drug and breathalyzer testing, daily meetings, and comfortable homes with all bills paid, and our signature program offers even more. Whether you need to go to Dallas, Plano, or Richardson, we are where change happens.

OG Plano sober living
OG Plano Sober Living Home

We Change Lives.

Through direction, fellowship, accountability, employment, and healthy encouragement, we will help you and your loved ones find purpose. Our offerings are much more than what you might expect from a halfway house. The services we offer are extensive— from therapy that helps to fix the damage done by addiction, to consistent diet and exercise. We rebuild people from the ground up. Questions? Click here for answers.

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What Is Real Deal Sober Living?

Our services include sober living- a type of transitional living proven to make successful recovery more likely. People come to our programs who are struggling with addiction or alcoholism. Regardless of anyone’s past, we can help them build a great future.

Our focus is clear: create a better life for those struggling with addiction and alcoholism. We focus on a good diet, proper exercise, continuous employment, spiritual meeting attendance, family connection, cleanliness, and most of all, how to live in recovery happy.


Connecting with housemates, friends, family, and sponsor.


Getting a job, helping others, and creating a better life.


Exercising and dieting properly to create a better tomorrow.

Sober Living and Pets

Sober living is often an awesome experience for personal growth and friendship. Additionally, we believe pets can assist in the connection process. Pets are just like those of us in early recovery; we both need love, care, and attention.  That’s why at all our locations we allow pets.

With so many options for halfway housing, we believe we can positively impact those who are struggling with addiction. So, if you’re a pet owner and don’t want to leave your pet at home, check out more information on our pet-friendly sober living program.

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We Are Different.

The benefits of our transitional living program, go beyond just helping our residents successfully transition to a sober life in the real world. When we get off of drugs or alcohol, it is difficult to live in a normal society. We don’t typically know how to act, what to do, or how to do it. That’s where Real Deal can help. Not only do our residents learn to function in society, but they also learn the skills they need to prosper. Life is too short to be miserable. Find out why it’s possible to be sober and happy.

Dallas is a sober living city
Real Deal

NE Dallas sober living home

10219 Sunridge Trail, Dallas TX

Richardson sober living home

23 Grant Circle, Richardson TX

OG Plano sober living home

1117 Lakestream Drive, Plano TX

West Plano sober living home

4445 Burnhill Drive, Plano TX

Farmers Branch Sober Living

13375 Glenside Drive, Farmers Branch

Central Dallas sober living home

Preston Hollow Sober Living

Sober Living FAQ's

The simple answer is: it works! Sober living has been proven to increase long-term outcomes. We have time and time again seen those broken from addiction reclaim their lives, reuinte with family, and rise above their problems.

We have three programs with different costs. Our Signature program is $1,700 per month. Our Classic + program is $1,100 per month. While our Classic program is $900 per month. 

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