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Lean: The Purple Drank

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Lean surfaced in the 1980s. With its continued popularity, lean became a cultural phenomenon. Rap music then became the catalyst for the popularity of the new drug. Otherwise known as sizzurp, purple drank, or dirty sprite, the drink gained popularity over the past 40 years. The name “lean” comes from what it does to its consumers. Many drinkers slumped over, or “leaned” whenever they took the drug.

What is Lean?

lean and sprite

Lean, or sizzurp, is a combination of cough syrup, pop, and a piece of hard candy. The hard candy dissolves into the substance, giving the drink its sweetness. The codeine in cough syrup is what causes this drink to have its addictive nature.

Initially, the drink was a combination of codeine cough syrup and beer. The combination evolved due to codeine cough syrup no longer being over the counter. It spread to include DXM cough syrups, otherwise known as “robotripping.” The over-the-counter access to DXM causes this drug to be dangerously easy to access.

Why is lean so popular?

Lean’s popularity began in the 1980s, where a combination of Robitussin and beer evolved into a combination of cough syrup, soda, and hard candy. Hardcore drug dealers and users in the south spread the drink. Many famous musicians bolstered this drug. Songs associated with this are listed below.

  1. Three 6 Mafia featuring UKG – “Sippin’ on Some Sizzurp”
  2. Big MOE- “Purple Stuff”
  3. Lil Wayne – “Me and My Drank”
  4. Z Ro – “I can’t leave drank alone”
  5. Gucci Mane – “Wasted”

The drink continued to see further popularity by famous influencers. These include Justin Beiber, Rob Kardashian, and DeAndre Cortez Way (Soulja Boy). Some of these influencers are alleged users of the drug; it is clear that musicians have encouraged its use.

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What Are The Effects of Lean?

The name of the drug itself explains the effects of this. Those who take lean tend to be sluggish and “lean” over. We will provide a more comprehensive list of symptoms of lean abuse below.

  1. Euphoria
  2. Seizures
  3. Slowed breathing
  4. Wheezing
  5. Tooth decay
  6. Weight gain
  7. Becoming dizzy
  8. Constipation
  9. Urinary tract infections (UTIs)
  10. Memory loss
  11. Hallucinations

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Effects of Robo-tripping?

Robotripping, which based on the brand name Robitussin, is a different experience. Those who prefer this type of cough syrup abuse prefer out-of-body experiences. Dizziness, seizures, hallucinations, and memory loss are still a part of this. More symptoms are listed below.

  1. Nausea
  2. Fast heart rate
  3. High blood pressure
  4. Numbness
  5. Light-headedness
  6. Oxygen not getting to the brain

Lean FAQ's

Almost every path to overcoming drug addiction comes with surrounding yourself with loved ones. The first step is understanding the symptoms of addiction. Contact your family and friends to let them know what you are going through. Tell them that you want to change and ask them to be your support. There is much strength in admitting that you need to change.

Most treatment plans start with detox, or the period you spend away from the drug. Treatment-based drugs are sometimes given to people to stave off the most painful symptoms. Be sure to contact a doctor so that you may withdraw safely. Their next stop will most likely be a treatment facility.

Treatment facilities combine detox with a series of activities and therapy sessions meant to help people through their process. For some people, the cost of these facilities is out of reach; some are non-profit. These facilities contribute to society through their efforts.

Those who are unable to use this resource are still able to make regular visits to a doctor. Family therapy will be essential to ensure that they can repair relationships that they may have destroyed in the process of their addiction. For support networks, keep an eye on your addicted friend or family member to ensure that they are feeling better.

Many of these people spend their lives living this alternative lifestyle, only to find themselves needing to pull themselves out as they get older. Bodies cannot take the kind of strain that comes to drug abuse. Many of our most famous actors and musicians do not make it.

You may be drawn in by their glamorous life, but the results will leave you ruined. Whether you call it lean, purple drank, or sizzurp, the results will always be the same. If you know someone or are someone who is addicted to this drug, please seek help.

There are a variety of treatment centers in the world that would be happy to take you. Leaning on your support network will get you off of lean. So reach out and ask for help because it is one of the most substantial things you can do. It is something that you, and everyone, will thank you for later.

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