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The first Plano sober living home we opened is absolutely beautiful. But the house and all the great amenities that come with it are just the beginning. You’ll have everything you need for successful recovery here, and Plano is the perfect city to begin your journey!

Alex P.
Alex P.
Former Resident
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Thank you Real Deal for EVERYTHING you've done for me. You've helped me build a BETTER relationship with my family which was SUPER rough because of ALL of my poor decisions and a better life for myself
Nicole S.
Nicole S.
Family Member
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This place changed my loved ones life forever. I am eternally grateful to Real Deal!
Jacob G.
Jacob G.
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This became more than sober living. This was a family, this was home. I would recommend this to everyone. I really enjoyed my time here and am extremely grateful for real deal sober living.


$ 1700 PER MONTH
  • Rent and Utilites
  • Food
  • Bus/Dart Pass
  • Accountability
  • Two-Live In Managers
  • UA/Breathalyzer Testing
  • Recovery Community
  • Gym Membership
Best Deal

Living Alone

$ 2,057
  • Rent = $1,432*
  • Food = $485.75**
  • Utilities = $139.55***
  • Accountability
  • Live-In Manager
  • UA/Breathalyer Testing
  • Recovery Community

What is the cost of living alone in Dallas?

Not only is living alone more expensive, but it does not provide the most important aspect of sober living at Real Deal, the accountability. Living alone does not offer live-in managers whose sole focus is to manage chores, meetings, and residents. Nor does living alone have the element of community action- people who operate as a unit towards a common goal. 

* According to the data from rentcafe 

** Via MIT and Business Insider

*** From SmartAsset

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About Sober Living

The importance of inpatient addiction treatment is well-known. But returning from treatment to normal life can make it difficult to stay sober. And this is the most common time for relapse to occur. That’s where sober living comes in.

Sober living usually comes between inpatient treatment and a fully independent life. Residents are free to leave to attend work, school, or outpatient treatment. But they return home every night to an environment with support and accountability. Sober living often has an in-house manager, regular drug testing, and work and meeting attendance requirements. So, the support is obvious. These are just a few of the many services we offer.

Halfway House in Plano

Halfway houses are a dime a dozen. Luckily, Real Deal is one of the most reputable recovery communities in DFW. To learn more about our housing, please apply online.

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Plano Sober Living FAQ's

The cost at our OG Plano home is $1,700 per month. It is a signature property. This includes all amenities.

Of course! We are pet-friendly. Click here to read more about our pet friendly sober living program.

Firstly, halfway houses and sober living are essentially the same term. We use both words interchangeably. However, some may balk at the idea of halfway houses because they believe it is without accountability, structure, or nice settings. Real Deal uses both terms and is high accountability, high structure, and we have beautiful homes!

Yes! However, we usually wait until they have tried for a few weeks and are unsuccessful. We believe our residents will achieve more by working towards their employment goals independently. But, we will step in and assist if they have exhausted their resources.

Yes! We are a realistic program that has extreme success with recovery because we do not baby sit our residents. They become fully functioning members of society while maintaining sobriety. 

Under the FHA (Fair Housing Act), people suffering from disabilities are protected from discrimination. Addiction can be considered a disability under the following conditions: 

  • They have a physical or mental impairment caused by addiction. 
  • They are to be considered an addict by others.   
  • They have a proven record of addiction and the problems associated with it.


There are many agencies that work with transitional living companies. NARR (the National Alliance for Recovery Residence), is an awesome resource that helps residents and companies alike to understand the importance of our protected status. 

Another agency is in Texas is called TROHN (the Texas Recovery Oriented Housing Network). They are affiliated with RecoveryPeople and NARR. TROHN works at the state level to make sure all the organizations are cooperating.

Addiction is hard enough to deal with when you have professional help. And trying to tackle it alone is a recipe for disaster. Unfortunately, this is a lesson that many people have learned the hard way. That’s why it’s so important to take advantage of drug rehab services. So, if someone you care about is struggling with drug addiction, reach out for help.

Checking in to an inpatient drug rehab program can save a life. Those who stay in a drug rehab program for at least thirty days have a much greater chance of staying sober than those who don’t. And longer-term treatment programs have an even greater rate of success. Consider an inpatient rehab for your loved one. It could save a life.

What most people know about alcohol rehab comes from celebrity gossip, movies, and TV shows. Typically, people picture a rich person getting in trouble for drinking and checking into some kind of tropical resort where they sit on the beach and meditate. But reality looks a little bit different.

There are alcohol rehab services available all over the country. And most of them aren’t tropical resorts. Patients typically check in for a month, three months, or sometimes even a year. And intensive treatment includes a lot of elements. Furthermore, counseling, therapy, group workshops, and attending recovery meetings are crucial. Inpatient rehab is one of the best tools available for dealing with alcoholism.

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