Living sober

Living sober can feel like something that is not possible for you. However, coming from legitimate personal experience from thousands of us that have recovered, it is. In fact, living sober is more than possible.

Living sober is like a carousel
Photo by Scott Webb

My experience
with living sober

I came from a place similar to most recovering addicts/alcoholics. A place where addiction was never planned. In fact, my family had other plans for my life. However, addiction took over, and it was only a matter of time before recovery was my only option.

How to begin

Starting your journey of recovery may begin at a difference place than others. For instance, some people don’t get serious about recovery until they get into trouble. Others get and stay clean after leaving inpatient treatment. Some are fortunate and don’t have to lose everything, attend outpatient services, or enter sober living. Nevertheless, the best place to start is to identify if you are actually suffering from addiction.

Understanding the process

Once you identify if you have a serious problem, reach out for help. That’s something that is mandatory. Whether you prefer to see a therapist, a person in recovery, or attend some 12 step meetings, as long as you make a connection to get help, you will find a path. If you don’t have private insurance or money, that’s okay. There are many free programs throughout the country. 

Front of sunridge sober living home
Front of our Dallas sober living home.

Get sober and stay sober

Staying sober is perhaps the most challenging part of long term recovery. Of course, getting off the stuff is hard, but once we are separated, what do we do next? The issue usually lies within ourselves. If we get clean and do not form a productive life with passion and happiness, we are screwed. That’s why at Real Deal, we focus on building a completely new life. In fact, sobriety is just the beginning. Diet, exercise, hobbies, personal connections, employment, and complete productivity is what makes people remain sober long term. 

Living sober and beyond

Believe me, if I can find and maintain long term recovery, so can anyone else. When we finally commit to change, things get better. But, we cannot move forward without action.