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Signs of Addiction

Addiction is not caused by a weak mind, moral failing or unwillingness to stop.[1] Addiction is a serious brain disease.[2] And the earlier we are able to understand its effects on our lives, the better our chances of survival. So, while reading this basic guide to the signs of addiction, please understand that concluding whether or not you suffer from the disease of addiction is extremely personal. Admitting you have an addiction problem requires brutal honesty. But, without the hard truth, you will never get the freedom from accepting you have a problem (and how to fix it).

Psychological Addiction Signs

Inability to Control

This may seem like a no-brainer, but our mind is often times delusional. We do not mean to confuse this delusion with psychosis [3].By delusional, we simply mean the minds inability to comprehend the reality we create as addicts. When we become accustomed to using drugs consistently, we forget the ramifications that accompany drug use. We become numb to the daily routine. The regularity of drug use then becomes a normalcy.

So, in order to objectively determine whether or not you suffer from addiction, you must separate personal opinion and look at your drug use as an outsider would. You may suffer from addiction if you answer yes to the following questions: 

Do you often times have trouble controlling the amount you consume?

Do you plan to use a certain amount but end up using more than intended? 

Do you spend a large portion of your financial resources on purchasing drugs?

Does your financial planning revolve around when, where, and how to buy drugs?

White remote controller like addiction controls us

Mental Obsession 

The mental obsession is perhaps the most confusing to identify. Probably the best version of the addicts “queer mental twist” is from the great Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous, “The idea that somehow, someday he will control and enjoy his drinking is the great obsession of every abnormal drinker. The persistence of this illusion is astonishing. Many pursue it into the gates of insanity or death.”

So, in order to simplify the process of acknowledging the mental obsession, we will ask some easy questions below. If you answer yes to the following questions, you may suffer from the mental obsession of addiction.

Do you spend time planning your life around drug use?

Do you have the delusion that you will be able to use “Successfully”?

Do you believe you can control your drug use and function with a job, relationship, etc…?

Do you spend more and more energy and time thinking of using each day?

Taking More

We may initially start taking more and more to get greater effects from drugs. Tolerance is a common physical symptom of addiction, but when you start using more substances, it may be a psychological sign you are addicted.

Risky Business

Obviously, when we are addicted to drugs, we are not making great life choices. However, in terms of identifying whether you are psychologically addicted, a common theme is “risk behavior”. [4] Whether it’s sharing needles, doing criminal acts, or stealing from grandma, addiction creates serious psychological consequences that otherwise would not exist.  

Existential Crisis

Existential Crisis

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Cocaine powder shower

Cocaine In The System

How long does cocaine stay in your system?

Social Signs

We lose hobbies during addiction


Denial has happened to the best of us. Even when our family and closest friends notice our substance use problems. We tend to be reflective and defensive. And going back to psychological signs, we may say something like “I can quit whenever I chose to”, “I have it under control” or “I’m not using a needle so I’m not an addict”.

Dropping Hobbies

Addiction may cause us to drop hobbies that we would otherwise continue. For example, people addicted to heroin will not continue participating in rec basketball league.

Avoiding Events

Firstly, being an addict can be embarrassing. Especially to those who know us best. Secondly, we tend to act abnormal. So, it’s obvious why addicts choose to avoid some events. If you consistently avoid meeting friends, seeing family and refuse to attend events where substance use is not possible (family gatherings, physical activity, etc…) then you may be showing social signs of addiction.

Legal Issues

Legal issues are a rather common problem for us drug addicts. For example, we may get DUI’s, DWI’s or Possession charges that obviously wouldn’t have happened if we were sober. Usually, it’s only a matter of time before we get legal charges because of drug addiction.

Financial Problems

Financial problems are extremely common for addicts. You may lose your job, home, car, or club memberships, just to name a few. When we prioritize spending money on drugs, we leave less money for things that matter. Like basic living expenses…

Relationship Issues

Relationships will usually suffer because of addiction. We may lose friends, family members and loved ones. And rightfully so. When we are addicted, we are incapable of maintaining healthy relationships. That is usually why it’s heavily suggested to avoid relationships in the first year of recovery.

Addiction and what to do next

Addiction will, in most cases, get out of hand. Whether it’s your personal relationships, business, family relations or physical health, addiction will strike with extraordinary force. And addiction will not quit until it takes everything from you. If you are suffering from addiction, it is imperative that you find help from a drug rehab center, detox center or hospital (depending on the substance and severity). This is only step one towards a road to recovery.

Moving Forward

Beating addiction can be as awesome of a journey as this guy on a cliff

At first, admitting we suffer from addiction may seem like our lives are ruined. However, once we admit we have a problem, the solution begins. Our lives are then transformed. We become new people. We have a new focus, outlook, and gratitude towards life. 

Starting the road to recovery may, at first, seem impossible. It may seem like you are doomed. However, that is the farthest thing from the truth. We have seen countless individuals recover from addiction. In fact, many of our Dallas sober living residents are testaments to this fact. We understand the possibility of recovery so much, that we created an entire program around rebuilding your life after addiction!

Recovery is a beautiful thing, filled with 100’s of new activities to explore, people to meet, and places to travel. So, what are you waiting for?