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Sober Living



We offer safe, comfortable and beautiful spaces with tons of amenities to thrive and grow.


With live-in management, urinalysis/breathalyzer testing and daily recovery meetings.


From employment to physical health and spiritual growth, we push our residents to be more.


All of our homes are fully furnished. With wifi, utilities, UA/Breathalyzer testing, live-in managment and daily meetings included. Come live with us today.


Finding a place to live is cool. But finding a place to thrive is even better.

UA Testing

Randomized testing makes sure that resident are always honest with their sobriety.


Live in managers lead daily meetings and make sure everyone is doing their absolute best.


Daily chores teach us value. Because cleaning your bed, vacuuming and cooking are all things that allow us to grow. 


Spiritual Growth

Gratitude, connection and joy.


Finding and maintaining a job.


Get fit. Look good, feel good.

we are All apart of the process.

We can only be successful together. Contact us today.

I.O.P & Group Therapy

We work with many IOP (intensive outpatient) programs that transport residents to and from their treatment centers. In life, one size does not fit all, and that is doubly true in addiction recovery. That’s why we believe in finding treatment that is the best clinical fit for each resident.

We also make sure our residents have the opportunity to participate in counseling to address any underlying issues in their lives. A wide range of options to choose from ensures each resident meets with a professional who is the right fit for them.

Is sober living for me?

Sober living is a wonderful service that has helped countless individuals find lives of joy and purpose, but not everyone is ready for it just yet. Recovery is a long process, and those who have not yet started do best in a more clinical setting such as inpatient rehab.

The ideal candidate for sober living moves in directly after checking out of an inpatient treatment center and has at least thirty days of sober time. This ensures they have the skills and preparation needed to thrive in the less intensive sober living environment. Sometimes, candidates move in to sober living from their old accommodations, but they have usually been able to get sober using community resources and are simply looking for some extra support as they navigate early recovery.

Someone who is unable to stay sober at all may find it difficult to succeed in a sober living environment. While thirty days of sobriety is still considered “early recovery” by any measure, there is a huge difference between thirty days and zero. Sober living facilities are not typically equipped to handle issues like detox, withdrawal, intense cravings, and mental health issues that often crop up in the first thirty days. These problems are best treated by medical professionals in a clinical setting.

If you aren’t sure whether sober living is a good fit, please contact us and we will be happy to help.

We have several locations around the Dallas-Ft. Worth area, including downtown Dallas, northeast Dallas, northwest Dallas, Richardson, and Plano, catering to a variety of client needs. Visit our locations page or contact us to learn more.

If it sounds like sober living is a good fit for you, apply now.

If sober living is not a good fit, it might be a good idea to find an inpatient rehab to get to a better place first.


Our “Barebones” monthly fee is $900 per month. And our “Signature” monthly fee is $1,500 per month. The major differences between these two programs are the amenities included. With Barebones, live in staff, fully furnished housing, meetings, UA/Breathalyzer testing is included. With Signature all of the amenities are included (Food, Gym membership, Bus/Dart pass).