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The Families.

Being a family member of someone in recovery can be challenging. However, at Real Deal, we make this process easy. From weekly updates to family assistance, we will help everyone involved in the road to recovery.

Learning to recover

Recovery is not just for the individual suffering from substance abuse. Families are an integral part of recovery. Families are often the hardest hit, most involved and least understood part of the recovery process. So, it is our job to help families understand addiction, how to behave and what to do next. 

family together

Help for
families is our goal

Our program has many different locations. But, regardless of specific locations, the families of Real Deal will be involved. Even though you are not directly benefiting from our services (living in the home, the amenities provided, attending IOP) you still deserve to be a part of the process. 

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Real Deal?

The benefits of sober living are vast for our residents. However, addiction is a family disorder. So, we believe that the benefits of sober living should reach the family as well. 


Our focus on exercise, employment and overall happiness sets up apart.


We don’t approach recovery as a problem. We approach it as an opportunity to change.


We have seen countless lives, families and loved ones change as a result of our program.

A true Family story

Curious about a life change?

We want every family member to understand addiction. There will be many questions and the process will be a long one. However, we are with there every part of the way.