Program Questions

Our most frequent questions and answers

Basic FAQ's

  • What are the benefits of sober living?

    There are many benefits of Sober Living. Especially compared to living alone or with family (in early recovery). Click here to read more about the benefits of sober living.

  • How much does Real Deal cost?

    We offer two separate programs. Our Barebones offering costs $900 per month and Signature services are $1,500 per month. You can find more about costs here.

  • Are pets allowed?

    Yes! Find out more about our pet friendly sober living here.

  • Do we offer individual bedrooms?

    Yes. We have many options. Please call us to find out more at (469) 270-5390

  • Do we accept insurance?

    No. We are private pay. Unfortunately, sober living facilities cannot federally accept insurance. 

  • Is Real Deal co-ed?

    No! That would cause some serious issues!

  • Does Real Deal offer scholarships?

    Yes. However, the spots are usually limited. You can apply now and request a scholarship spot.

  • Is Real Deal 12-step based?

    Yes. We believe it is the most effective program. Our program page explains what we are about.

  • Can I tour Real Deal?

    Absolutely! We want you to feel comfortable about joining our family.

  • What do I bring with me to sober living?

    You will need your clothes and toiletries. If you are going to our signature locations, you will not need to bring your own food. If you are going to one of our barebones locations, you will need to provide your own food.

  • What are the requirements to get in?

    You simply need to apply. After the application is completed, it takes us roughly 5 minutes to respond. After you are approved, you will pick a location, submit a payment, and move in!

  • What's a typical day like?

    It's different for each individual, depending upon their situation entering the program. For instance, if someone has a job, they will be expected to maintain their job. For most of our residents (without a job), they will either be attending IOP classes daily, or actively seeking a job within our program.

  • Do we help people find jobs?

    Yes. However, we prefer to allow them a few weeks to find a job themselves. If they are incapable of doing so, then we will step in and assist. 

  • How do people enter the program?

    Simply apply online. After the application is submitted, we review it, and call you back with an approval (or denial). As soon as you are approved, you just submit a payment online and schedule a move in time!

FAQ's for Family Members

  • Will I be able to visit my child while in sober living?

    Absolutely. All visitors must be approved, but immediate family members never have a problem doing such.

  • How do I know if i'm enabling my loved one?

    This is a tricky question without one generalized answer. However, a general rule of thumb is to never support them financially, emotionally or socially unless it directly benefits their recovery. Example: Paying for sober living is okay (if you have the capacity to do so) but giving them cash to pay sober living fees themselves is not. Also, another thing to note is mental energy. If you are getting drained mentally by constantly coming to the rescue, you need to stop. This is not only detrimental to the recovering addict, but it is also bad for your own life. 

  • How will I know if my loved one is doing okay?

    We will give weekly updates. All you need to do is send us an email at requesting weekly updates.

More questions?

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