sober living f.a.q.

How much does real deal cost?

We offer two separate programs. Our Barebones offering costs $900 per month and Signature services are $2,000 per month.

does real deal accept insurance?

No. We are private pay. At this time, sober living companies cannot accept insurance.

is real deal co-ed?

No. We feel that would cause problems and distract from the recovery process.

does real deal offer scholarships?

Yes. If you contact us or apply today, we will reach out to you with possible scholarship opportunities.

do people live at real deal?

Yes. For more information please visit our services page.

can i tour real deal?

Absolutely. Please call or submit an application and we can schedule a tour.

is real deal 12-step based?

Yes. We have found the 12 Steps work best for finding long-term recovery.

are pets allowed?

At our Signature location, pets are allowed.

does real deal offer individual bedrooms?

Yes. All of our individual rooms must be approved before the candidate is accepted. Please call or apply now to find out more.