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Why You Should Consider Men's Sober Living

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Many people who are addicted to alcohol or drugs want to give up on it, but in reality, this is easier said than done. Living without these substances is going to be a challenge after years of abusing them, and without proper support, you’re bound to be caught in your addiction.

Men tend to deal with different issues when it comes to addiction, and they may face different challenges and obstacles compared to women. Sober living homes for men have been created for this particular reason. While treatment may be effective, it may still not be enough to permanently quit the addiction, so seeking a sober living home where a man can create a sense of brotherhood with other men can be of great help. Therefore, gender-specific housing and support can be a better solution for some individuals.

Why Sober Living?

Most of the time, quitting an addiction on your own is not possible. So, the alternative is to go to rehab. Indeed, rehab centers are great in helping people give up on harmful substances, whether we’re talking about alcohol or drugs. Still, one cannot simply return to their normal life as soon as they step out of the rehab center.

Stability is hard to achieve, particularly when it comes to individuals whose addiction took over their lives. Going back may also have some repercussions. People may end up around the same people who were tempting them to drink or use drugs, or they may live around toxic people who allow the addiction to continue. Other times, they live in very toxic or mentally draining environments where picking up drugs or alcohol is their only way to cope with difficult situations.

Putting an end to addiction requires more than just going to rehab. Individuals must adjust to life without addiction, and in order to do that, they choose sober living homes. Sober living houses are useful because they walk people through the recovery process, making sure they get guidance at every step.

At the same time, the individual has the opportunity to slowly go back to normal by performing daily activities that are part of every adult’s life. This includes cooking, maintaining personal hygiene, and going to work. Sober living environments can also help with controlling cravings and even emotions that may arise as a result of being off the harmful substance.

Often, people choose sober living houses so they can be away from their chaotic homes for a while. Thus, they are able to commit to the recovery completely. During this time, they will learn how to ditch their unhealthy habits and pick up better, healthier coping mechanisms for their issues.

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Is Sober Living For Men Only?

Sober living is for everyone, regardless of gender. But at some points, men may feel uncomfortable talking about their issues in front of women, just like women may not want to share their stories with their male colleagues. Addiction recovery is a time when you need all the support you can get, and you must feel comfortable during the process. So, in order to prevent issues that may arise from housing both men and women together, some sober living homes are gender-specific.

While transitioning from a life of addiction to normal life, people deal with all sorts of issues. For instance, men tend to abuse certain substances more than women. Alcohol and drugs such as cocaine or heroin are often substances abused by men more commonly. Men are also more likely to resist asking for help or seeking treatment compared to women, making it easier for women to escape their addiction. At the same time, men deal with addiction for longer periods, while women end up dealing with mental illness during recovery more often than men.

Luckily, both men and women have sober living homes for their respective genders to help with this issue. So, they can both get the help they need

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Why Gender Specific Sober Living Is Better

Sober living for men helps remove any distraction so that men can get rid of their addiction more easily. Usually, men’s sober living houses have staff that is prepared to specifically work with men and their recovery and health.

Men have a tendency to go to therapy that focuses more on goals and responsibility. Usually, they may be more interested in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. This deals with taking care of the reactions that lead to certain behaviors and then working on changing these behaviors. It is different from women who look for something more emotionally based.

While receiving treatment, men may also get a bit aggressive in some cases, and they are more likely to have arguments and get physical with staff members. Revealing their emotions is something that may be more difficult for them when going through therapy.

In order to address all these issues, sober living homes provide men’s support groups, male-only rehabilitation programs, male-led therapy sessions, and male-focused recovery. They will live in an environment that is safe for them, and they will go through the necessary steps that will help them ditch the addiction for good.

Why Real Deal?

Real Deal is unique because it focuses on improving your life and helping you integrate into the community. Not only are some facilities found in different locations for easier access for people who may need help, but we also have various programs and activities meant to help people transition more easily.

Our staff is dedicated to walking you through all the steps you need to take for a full recovery. We make sure your treatment is accompanied by good therapy, as well as healthy activities like exercise and eating healthy, consistent meals. And because we know how impactful the presence of a beloved pet can be, you can even bring your pet along. It may help during the connection process, and you will have the benefit of getting support both from the staff and your precious furry friend.

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