About Real Deal Sober Living



A young man speaks with his parents.

Real Deal is the first clean living company to exist. Real Deal was founded in 2016 with one large goal in mind: to get people off of substances and find a life of purpose.



Real Deal is growing at a substantial rate because of our clear cut focus on rebuilding life, not just avoiding using drugs and alcohol

We believe each individual must grow into a fully functional member of society through repairing and rebuilding family relationships, forging lifelong friendships and most importantly, learning to be content and love themselves for who they are.

Living at Real Deal means living in a positive environment that encourages a healthy and sustainable way of life. Residents help each other to care for their physical and spiritual well-being. Accountability from both other residents and staff identifies and corrects problems before they lead to relapse. The structured environment makes sure residents get up in the morning and apply themselves to work, school or volunteering.

While the structure and rules at Real Deal are taken seriously, residents are also encouraged to have fun and engage in social activity. We believe recreation is a key part of a balanced and happy life, so we facilitate group fellowship and leisure.

All this helps men to live a happy, joyous and free life.


All of our house managers are people who have been through the Real Deal Program. We believe in our program, and the people it produces.

A portrait of our founder, Parker.



Parker is the proud founder and owner of Real Deal. He created this company to provide a way for people to find much more than just the avoidance of drugs and alcohol. He wanted to help people find a completely new life.

Stas’s headshot

Stas’s headshot



Stas, who lives in Wisconsin, has been with Real Deal since the beginning in various roles and currently coordinates online content and marketing efforts.



The staff at Real Deal found sobriety through twelve-step programs, and we believe the residents can too. We emphasize attending meetings, practicing daily disciplines, and working through the steps. No prior experience is required for this, only an open mind and the willingness to change.

We are an all-inclusive clean living facility providing food, a gym membership, and providing bus passes for transportation.

We strive to keep the family involved in the recovery process. Our program director and manager collaborate to provide a weekly progress report on each resident.

Each morning we have a meditation group. In order to provide a structured opportunity to explore the benefits of meditation, this activity is mandatory for residents unless they are at work or school.

Each Sunday we have our accountability group. Groups are peer to peer as well as staff to peer.


Weight Lifting Programs

Why Lift Weights?

Weight lifting is an excellent choice for people in recovery from drug and alcohol addiction for a number of reasons, described as follows:

Health and Lifestyle

Most people do not take very good care of their bodies when they are drinking or using drugs. Once they decide to get sober, they often want to get in shape, but don’t know where to start. This is where lifting comes in. Regular exercise is considered very important to good health and can play a major role in the recovery process. Lifting is a convenient and accessible way to get this exercise.


Weight lifting has a lot to offer for beginners, since new lifters can start with small weights and work their way up over time. It continues to offer benefits to those who have been lifting for years as well. Those who stick to a lifting plan, like the one we provide our residents, often experience major positive changes.

Lifting is also a convenient form of exercise. Most neighborhoods have a gym in close proximity, and being inside means weather is not an issue. It is also easy for multiple people to lift together—this helps to build relationships and have fun, both important parts of recovery.

A person lifting weights

Goal Setting and Self-Esteem

Another unfortunate reality of addiction is that addicts and alcoholics do not usually have a very high opinion of themselves. After spending years being unable to stop using or drinking and seeming to make no progress in life, it is no wonder they feel this way.

The best way to fight this feeling is proving it wrong by having accomplishments to feel good about.

Any good weight lifting plan, like those we provide, has goals and a starting point. After being stuck in the cycle of addiction for years, addicts and alcoholics new to sobriety are amazed when they start seeing real progress.

These lessons matter just as much outside of the gym as they do inside it. We believe that when people in recovery finally begin to see positive changes in themselves, there is no limit to what they can do. These changes result in a major self-esteem boost. Instead of being unhealthy and directionless, they grow stronger and witness firsthand how dedication and effort can pay off. They begin to truly believe in themselves.

They can use this newfound belief to remain sober in the face of the pressures of life and be successful in school and work, building a great new life after the devastation of addiction.