About Real Deal

Who is real deal? 

We are life savers


Rooms with tons of space, TV's and shared areas to connect, grow and progress together.


Accountability is a fundamental element ingrained in our program. Daily meetings, UA/Breathalyzer tests and accountability groups.


Togetherness is our best chance of success. At Real Deal you will never be alone.


Founded in 2015 and opening our first facility in 2016, we started as a simple idea: to help people transition into society. A few years later we have added some components, but have stayed true to our mission: Sober is just the beginning. 

Why Real Deal?


Our focus is one creating a happy, healthy and productive life. Not just avoiding substances.


Our Success rate is great because productivity breeds success.

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Life long friends are made at Real Deal.


The nicest properties. Great locations for jobs, meetings and social activities

Our Daily Focus



Spiritual Progress





Most people do not take very good care of their bodies when they are drinking or using drugs. Once they decide to get sober, they often want to get in shape, but don’t know where to start. This is where lifting comes in. Regular exercise is considered very important to good health and can play a major role in the recovery process. Lifting is a convenient and accessible way to get this exercise. 


Weight lifting has a lot to offer for beginners, since new lifters can start with small weights and work their way up over time. It continues to offer benefits to those who have been lifting for years as well. Those who stick to a lifting plan, like the one we provide our residents, often experience major positive changes.

Lifting is also a convenient form of exercise. Most neighborhoods have a gym in close proximity, and being inside means weather is not an issue. It is also easy for multiple people to lift together—this helps to build relationships and have fun, both important parts of recovery.



And this is usually where people get nervous. However, when we talk of “Spirituality”, we don’t mean religion. We don’t give it a name. What we mean is connection. Connection to yourself, those around you, and the belief that better things are possible.


Having a job is a great place to start in rebuilding your life. However, employment has its true purpose in recovery by showing value. In employment, we work consistently for a reward (money). So, we mentally begin to equate action with rewards. And rewards are awesome.