who are we?

We are a group of highly structured, highly productive sober living homesOur focus is not on just avoiding drugs and alcohol. That creates misery. And we want to create a life more than that. 

For the loved ones

We are
life changers

We were founded in 2015 and opened our first facility in 2016. We started with a simple idea: to help the newly sober reintegrate into society. A few years later we have added some components, but have stayed true to our mission. And our basic idea of what sober living is began to change. A few years later, and thousands of lives changed, we are just beginning. At Real Deal, sober is just the beginning.


Austin Shook RD Director


Program Director

Shook’s plans for Real Deal Sober Living include reinvigorating our presence in the Metroplex by continuous collaboration with our community partners and families while maintaining a high level of accountability and recovery-focused culture in and around our beautiful homes in North Texas.

In addition to his passion for the recovery program that saved his life, Shook brings a charismatic management style that he has used to manage teams in the residential treatment setting. He also has experience running the alumni program for a successful outpatient (IOP) and as a case-manager for a transitional-living facility nearby. Shook brings this energy to the RD houses, meeting weekly with our live-in house manager/assistant managers while detailing the progress of our residents and sending regular updates to families and helping professionals involved in the resident’s treatment.

Having gone through treatment near Waco, TX, and sober living in Kerrville, TX, Shook has been in the same shoes as a new resident is walking into our homes. Now in long-term recovery himself, Shook is beyond excited to provide the same desperately needed structure to individuals with a desire to change their lives. “We can recover,” says Shook “if we can practice the spiritual disciplines that have been proven to work for millions just like us. Real Deal Sober Living is a place where the foundation is laid for this lifelong journey that we commit to daily. From each morning at our house meditation to the weekly community meetings, and the required 12-step groups and  IOP/therapy sessions we encourage all residents to attend, we are on this journey together. You are never alone in this Fellowship. Join us.


Social Media Manager

I was born and raised in Buenos Aires, Argentina. I moved to the United States when I was 18. I have since graduated with honors in fashion business management with an associate degree. I am currently pursuing a bachelor of science in advertising marketing communications. I am a quick multitasker and fast learner, able to work in a fast-moving environment.

I am fluent in Spanish (My first language), skilled in customer satisfaction resolution, and I love to use multiple digital platforms. Ultimately, I am a huge believer in recovery and I love to help people through positivity, health, and self-love.

Alex NE Sober living manager



My name is Alex. I am a 27-year-old recovered heroin addict from Columbus Ohio and have been in Dallas for 2 and a half years. Recovery has taken me across the country and afforded me the opportunity to meet hundreds of like-minded people, all seeking the same freedom that comes with working the

In my addiction, I tried it all from Cognitive Behavioral Therapy to harm reduction and everything in between. No matter what I did I did it in excess and it left me feeling empty and worse off than I was before. In short, working the 12 steps saved my life. It has enabled me to view the world through a different lens and has given me the chance to give back what was so freely given to me. My life has gone from pure chaos to being seemingly normal, which may not seem like much to most people, but for me, it is an absolute miracle. Life for me now is peaceful. I have a job that I love, and a 1-year old dog named Butters who has no social awareness.

My passion now lies in helping others rather than seeking the best outcome for me regardless of who or what I had to go through. I am so grateful for all that has been done for me and for the first time in my life I can honestly say that I am excited about the future.

Zach Sober Living Manager West Plano



With having a 20-year career in the health and fitness industry, I have always been driven by helping people. After conquering my own struggles with addiction through the program here at Real Deal, I am grateful to be in a position to help other men do the same. This program is truly genuine in its objective to help men be successful in their transition back to a quality life. If you’re serious about putting your addiction behind you, Real Deal is truly that.

Jordan Richardson Sober Living manager



Recovery has introduced me to a new way of living, free from substances. I had tried many times, and in many different ways to get myself out of the cycle, I was stuck in. I found out that I could not do this alone.

However, by being of service and sharing with others, I am able to continue to stay sober myself. Today, I am able to see that when I put helping others over myself, I enjoy a sense of peace and happiness that I have never experienced before in my life. In my free time, I like to go cycling, hiking, and many other outdoor activities with friends.

Andy NE Dallas sober living manager



I grew up in Washington DC but have lived in Dallas for the past 7 years. I struggled with addiction for a good part of those 7 years. Having tried every which way, whether it was trying to drink or use socially, marijuana maintenance or just quitting cold turkey … I could never stay stopped.

One thing I did know was that I had friends who got sober through the 12 steps and had been sober for years, and still are sober to this day. I then knew where the solution was. Working the 12 steps has changed my life and changed the person I am today.

Helping other alcoholics and addicts just like me is how we stay sober. A day in my life today consists of going to work at a job I am under qualified for (but blessed and grateful to have), the 12 steps, fitness, watching sports, and just having a good time with the guys at the house!

Dalian Sober Living Manager West Plano



Coming from a 10+ year span of addiction, I was broken, hopeless, and had no direction in life. By picking up the tools available to me in recovery, I am 3 years sober by the grace of God. I now have amazing friendships, employment, structure, and a great recovery community. I have a new life!



Born and raised in Rowlett, TX grew up with a great family that provided everything I needed and was very blessed. Started out getting involved in heavy drug and alcohol addiction in high-school. I Had lost all sense of direction in my life. My life had become completely unmanageable in all aspects.

Not until I was completely broken and needed to find a new sense of direction, I submitted myself to the 12 steps of aa. Now that I have found a new way of living and a sense of direction my life is better than it was ever before. I get to help and see others that have had the same struggles come back to life. I get to use all the tools and principles I’ve learned from recovery in my daily life.

I’ve never thought I could possibly have this much peace and fun sober. I really enjoy going to the lake with family, cliff jumping, hiking, camping, hunting, and shooting guns. Any chance I get to enjoy the outdoors is a good time for me!

Noah Plano Sober Living Manager



My name is Noah, and I was born in raised in Rockwall, TX. I have battled addiction & found recovery, and as a result of taking suggestions from those who came before me. I have built a life I did not know was possible.

I enjoy playing disc golf with my friends who are also in recovery & being outdoors. The over-all most rewarding opportunity I have today is being able to give back to this community by helping people in early recovery and watching them grow. Seeing that light bulb come on in someone is always an experience that brings me joy.



My name is Parker and I am honored to be here. I started my road to recovery a few years ago, and am now living to help those who are newly struggling. My goal is to be communicative, productive, and helpful to each individual resident. 

Why choose us?

Focus. More than just getting sober, our focus is on helping people live happy, healthy, and productive lives.

Community. A strong community is the foundation of long-lasting recovery. Lifelong friends are made at Real Deal.

Success. Our tracked success rate is high. Because we know the key to recovery is responsibility, accountability, and work.

Properties. We select only the best properties to be Real Deal facilities. All our houses are in great locations for jobs, meetings, and social activities

Our Daily Focus

Diet & Exercise  

Exercise in sober living

Most people do not take very good care of their bodies when they are drinking or using drugs. Once they decide to get sober, they often want to get in shape, but don’t know where to start. This is where lifting weights comes in. Regular exercise is important to good health and can play a major role in the recovery process. Lifting is a popular and convenient way to get this exercise. 

Weight lifting has a lot to offer for beginners, since new lifters can start with small weights and work their way up over time. It continues to offer benefits to those who have been lifting for years as well. Those who stick to a lifting plan, like the one we provide our residents, experience major positive changes.

Lifting is also a convenient form of exercise. Most neighborhoods have a gym in close proximity, and being inside means weather is not an issue. It is also easy for multiple people to lift together—this helps to build relationships and have fun, both of which are important parts of recovery.


spirituality in the candles

This word makes a lot of people nervous. However, when we talk about spirituality, we aren’t talking about religion. It’s not about a certain church or denomination. What matters to us is connection: connection to ourselves and those around us.


employment on computer

Getting a job is a great way to start rebuilding your life. Employment also teaches those in recovery the concept of value. At a job, we work for pay and begin to associate action with a reward. This association is missing for many after the devastation of addiction.