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Our Story.

Sober is just the beginning.

From Tragedy to Triumph.


Front of sunridge sober living home

A young man named Parker, who spent years in and out of jails, hospitals, and institutions moved from Austin Texas to Dallas to open the first Real Deal Sober Living in Dallas, Texas.

Parker’s vision was crystal clear: he wanted to create a company that focus on the aspects of what really worked for recovery. He was sick of all the focus on avoiding drugs and alcohol because that was a minor part of what recovery really was.

He then created Real Deal. Finally, a company focused on something meaningful that truly not just got addicts and alcoholics away from substances, but allowed them to find purpose in their lives. 

Parker in front of Sunridge. Our first ever Sober Living Home.


sober living richardson front

After finding success in establishing our brand in the community, we immediately opened another men’s house in Richardson, Texas.



Front of OG Plano sober living

We opened our first house of many in Plano in early 2018. This was the beginning of our expansion plans beyond the city of Dallas (and its direct neighbors).



Cost of sober living with us includes most necessary amenities.

Real Deal acquires Recovery homes in Addison and Carrolton to expand its reach into new markets.



The front of our women's sober living

Real Deal acquires its first all-women program in Richardson, expanding the products to both men and women.



Real Deal decides to refocus on our core values by providing different price structures to our programs. Thus, the classic program is born (while keeping our signature program).



At the infancy of the global pandemic, Real Deal decided to start an outpatient program. For years we had found that many of our residents struggled with mental health issues (along with substance abuse and alcoholism). However, we weren’t able to find them adequate care. So, we created our own. Following the same guiding principles that created success for our sober living residents, Real Deal Therapy & Wellness was born.

The Philosophy.

Purpose. Passion. Productivity.

  1. Avoiding Drugs and Alcohol is a minor part of recovery.
  2. Culture creates change.
  3. The way we view ourselves is shown in how we treat others.
  4. Without fun, we cannot expect to stay sober.
  5. The community relies on accountability. 
Burnhill sober living

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