Who Are We?

For Loved Ones

We are a group of highly structured, highly productive sober living homesOur focus is not on just avoiding drugs and alcohol. That creates misery. And we want to create a life more than that. 

We are Life Changers

We were founded in 2015 and opened our first facility in 2016. We started with a simple idea: to help the newly sober reintegrate into society. A few years later we have added some components, but have stayed true to our mission. And our basic idea of sober living is beginning to change. A few years later, and thousands of lives changed, we are just beginning. At Real Deal, sober is just the beginning.

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Our Focus

Diet & Exercise

Most people do not take very good care of their bodies when they are drinking or using drugs. Once they decide to get sober, they often want to get in shape but don’t know where to start. This is where lifting weights comes in. Regular exercise is important to good health and can play a major role in the recovery process.


This word makes a lot of people nervous. However, when we talk about spirituality, we aren't talking about religion. It's not about a certain church or denomination. What matters to us is connection: connection to ourselves and those around us.


Getting a job is a great way to start rebuilding your life. Employment also teaches those in recovery the concept of value. At a job, we work for pay and begin to associate an action with a reward. This association is missing for many after the devastation of addiction.

Why us?

Focus. More than just getting sober, our focus is on helping people live happy, healthy, and productive lives.

Community. A strong community is the foundation of long-lasting recovery. Lifelong friends are made at Real Deal.

Success. Our tracked success rate is high. Because we know the key to recovery is responsibility, accountability, and work.

Properties. We select only the best properties to be Real Deal facilities. All our houses are in great locations for jobs, meetings, and social activities.

Our People

Stephen Marion
Vice President
Stephen has been in the recovery industry for over ten years. Leading teams for marketing, business development, and client experience, Steph is obsessed with the clients journey at Real Deal. Steph is married with three beautiful kiddos and loves spending his free time helping his family explore the world.
Jake Bradshaw
Admissions Coordinator
I spent most of my life struggling with addiction and mental health problems. It wasn't until I joined Real Deal that my life changed completely. I am eternally grateful for Real Deal and the life it has given me. I am now able to help those who are seeking the same change.
Family Consultant
My life was broken before I came into Real Deal. I had attended over 5 treatment programs and none of them worked. I am beyond grateful for the experience I have had and lucky to be able to spread my experience to families and clients in need.
I have spent most of my life in various stages of addiction mostly revolving around drugs and alcohol. The majority of that time I didn't realize that it was a problem, I just thought it was the lifestyle I had chosen and I enjoyed it. In my sick mind, it was everybody else's problem. Most people in my life realized it well before I did. It took driving away everyone and everything I cared about for me to finally realize I had a problem. I had become a shell of the man I was and wanted to change. Some people refer to this as rock bottom but I considered it a turning point. I have always been able to find lower lows.
My hope is that I may be able to give to others what was so freely given to me and that is love and support through it all. Just drinking wasn’t enough for me, just not drinking wasn’t enough for me. I would get sober long enough until that was too painful, then I would drink long enough until that was too painful. I thought I could out fight this. I thought I could out smart this. Then I lost enough to where I thought I should just run and hide from it all, isolated. Through the 12 Steps, AA meetings, sharing my experience, strength, and hope I have been able to establish a deep and meaningful connection with others and a power greater than myself. I get to have this wonderful life today full of peace and gratitude. I get this opportunity to help others in my life and that’s what keeps me in recovery one day at a time. I have 6 months of sobriety and it is a Privilege to be a part of Real Deal Sober Living. .
Daniel struggled with his addiction for half his life. Endless treatments, sober livings, detoxes and jails . He reached a jumping off point where he couldn't see life with or without substance use. This made him willing to follow drastic but simple requirements which developed a relationship with God and enabled him to be sober and responsible. Daniel has a daughter and a loving family. His purpose is to help young men who are seemingly hopeless. Danny's passions include art, exercise and working with his hands.

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