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Women's Sober Living In Richardson, TX

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Our women’s signature property is located in Richardson. For the safety of our residents, we do not disclose the specific location online. To inquire more information, call us anytime or apply online today!

Included Amenities:

  • Live-In Management

    Live-in Managers ensure that each resident is being held accountable. Managers also lead daily meetings, UA/Breathalyze residents, and conduct the weekly accountability groups.

  • Daily Meetings

    Each morning residents attend a meditation meeting to prepare for the day. This meditation meeting is game changing, as it prepares each resident for a positive and productive day.

  • Accountability

    Between the UA testing, daily meetings, and accountability groups, residents are also responsible for attending outside meetings, maintaining sponsorship, and employment.

  • Family Updates

    Updating families each week is a crucial part of our program. Recovery is a family business, and everyone should be included in the process.

  • Food

    Our women's signature program includes all the food!

  • Gym Membership

    Gym memberships are included for our women's signature sober living home!

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This is Sober Living

When residents walk out the door of an inpatient addiction treatment program, it may seem like the addiction problem is solved. They are ready to make a new beginning. But this is the single riskiest moment in recovery, the most likely time for a relapse to occur. This is why transitioning to sober living is so important. Our sober living services prepare residents for a smooth landing back in the real world. Instead of returning directly to the environment they were using or drinking in, they live in a safe and supportive environment while attending work or school. An in-house manager provides mentoring, accountability, and support so the residents can gradually adjust to life in recovery. There’s a reason any inpatient rehab worth its salt recommends sober living.

This is Drug Rehab

If someone you know has a drug problem, it’s best to act quickly. You only have to take one look at the news to see how dangerous drug addiction is. Using drug rehab services is a great way to make sure your loved one is getting the best possible treatment. At a typical treatment center, patients check-in for a stay of at least one month, and sometimes much longer. Clinically trained staff work with them using evidence-based methods to give them the skills they need to stay sober in the outside world. When a patient checks out of rehab (and hopefully into sober living), they are equipped to go back to work or school and rebuild their lives.

This is Alcohol Rehab

Alcoholism is no joke, and dealing with it alone is extremely difficult, if not impossible. That’s why it’s so important to make use of the many alcohol rehab services that are available today. Many people in recovery from alcoholism considering checking into an inpatient rehab as one of the best decisions they ever made. Inpatient alcohol rehab gives people the tools they need to put down the drink, and never pick it back up again, even when times are tough. Inpatient treatment is a crucial step in the recovery process for many people.

Womens Sober Living FAQ's

Our women’s signature program is $1,500 per month.

100% yes. We believe in reality and our recovery rates show that its the most successful approach.

If a job is not obtained in a week or so, we will help. However, it’s usually not an issue for our motivated residents.

Unfortunately insurance is not accepted for sober living. However, there are many treatment options that do accept insurance. Our sister company, Real Deal Therapy & Wellness, is an outpatient center that is coupled well with sober living.

Of course! We love pets and will always allow pets to join our family. Read our page about pets! 

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