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Our men’s Trademark sober living home is exceptionally designed for success. The Farmers Branch home is located near jobs, transportation, and plenty of opportunities. Our program will change your life. Reach out to get started today!

Addiction Treatment Center

This became more than sober living. This was a family, this was home. I would recommend this to everyone. I really enjoyed my time here and am extremely grateful for real deal sober living.

Jacob G.​


The house managers go above and beyond to help guys at the house. He makes this sober living great. Great place for adults to get a fresh start!

Brian B.​

Former Resident​

Real Deal is an amazing program for men and women who are ready to completely change their lives. I would not recommend another place!

Rachel B.

Family Member









Not only is living alone more expensive, but it does not provide the most important aspect of sober living at Real Deal, the accountability. Living alone does not offer live-in managers whose sole focus is to manage chores, meetings, and residents. Nor does living alone have the element of community action- people who operate as a unit towards a common goal.

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Sober living is the stepping stone between getting sober and starting life in the real world. At Real Deal, we believe recovery is a lot more than just abstinence from drugs and alcohol. Especially in the great city of Farmers Branch. With many things to do, jobs to secure, and people to meet, Farmers Branch is a great place to start your journey.

If we stopped using drugs and alcohol but had nothing else to live for, we would be miserable. Furthermore, this is not the way to find happiness in recovery. Recovery is a journey we take with the help of others, and happiness comes from the journey itself. For this reason, we compiled the major benefits of sober living and why it’s so crucial to recovery.


It’s something that is important for everyone- especially in recovery. It is extremely difficult to make any change without support. Imagine beginning your life without parents or guardians to support you. Starting the journey of recovery is similar. Altogether, we need a community to survive. In sober living, we are all struggling with the disease of addiction. Above all, we only have a chance of success by working together.


Holding together communities and friendships are the glue of accountability. We must be accountable for our actions in recovery. Furthermore, we must make changes to correct the mistakes we make. If we live in sober living we will have built-in accountability. From daily check-ins, UA testing to accountability meetings, Real Deal provides the necessary foundation for strong accountability in every sober living environment.


As addicts, we always think very highly of ourselves. We believe we know what’s right. Considering we hold on to that belief while our lives are imploding, it sounds crazy, doesn’t it? In short, we end up drug addicts but still somehow believe we know how to live properly! Conversely, if we do not smash the delusion of being all-knowing and become open to change, we are doomed! Luckily, sober living gives us the tools to be open-minded, even if it might be painful at first.


In terms of creating a new life, building and maintaining discipline may be the most important aspect. When we get sober we have to change our life totally. In order to do this, we must start with simple things like making our beds, cleaning up after ourselves, and opening the door for strangers. As a result, this “trickle-down effect”, as we call it, affects every aspect of our lives. From being better employees to being better friends, it all starts with a little discipline. 

Why Choose Sober Living in Farmers Branch?

Most clients decide to extend their care through sober living in Farmers Branch because it is the best way to transition from a supervised treatment facility back into “real life.”

Being new to recovery can make you feel vulnerable and unsure. Many recovery patients are estranged from family members or have been forced to cut ties to preserve their sobriety. For whatever reason, returning to the home where they lived before getting treatment may not be a safe or healthy option.

A sober living house provides a secure home where residents can practice the skills they learned in rehab. It also provides a continuum of care. Residents have the opportunity to interact with many of the same peers and mental health professionals they bonded with during treatment.

While living in one of our sober house locations, residents can continue to work on rebuilding their lives. Continuing with family therapy, peer support groups, and self-growth helps residents build a stronger foundation to support long-term sobriety. 

Living with other people who are also choosing to remain sober creates a layer of safety and accountability that isn’t always available to those who opt to live independently immediately after treatment.

The first several weeks or months after treatment is a time to rediscover who you are without drugs or alcohol. While there are still responsibilities that must be met while living in sober housing, residents typically have more time and freedom to explore all available options and chart a new course for their life.

What Is a Recovery House?

Why Is Pet-Friendly Sober Living Important?

One of the primary messages of recovery is that helping others is an important component of maintaining sobriety. Any activity that helps a person consider the needs of another supports long-term recovery. Taking care of a pet is an unselfish act that often requires a person to put another living being’s needs above their own.

Not every program offers pet-friendly sober living, but we understand the value pets bring to the lives of recovery home residents and prefer to maintain a case-by-case acceptance policy. Having a well-behaved pet in the home offers benefits to every resident, even if they aren’t directly responsible for the animal’s care.

Even a single guppy in a bowl requires daily care. It must be fed, and its environment must be kept clean for the fish to thrive. Cats and dogs require even more disciplined care. Performing these daily tasks allows residents to practice dedication and discipline — two characteristics that are integral to maintaining sobriety.

Pets also teach lessons about accepting the things we cannot control. As adorable and loving as they are, pets have minds of their own. Learning to love a pet despite its unpredictable behaviors teaches patience, tolerance, and acceptance. This becomes even truer as pets age and come to depend more on their humans for compassionate care.

Pet-friendly sober living homes offer residents more opportunities to engage in group activities, like taking a dog on a pack walk. Sharing the responsibility of caring for a pet, even if it is not your own, also means sharing the unconditional love and joy pets bring to life.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Farmers Branch is a Trademark home. Costs are $3,000.

100% yes. We believe in reality and our recovery rates show that its the most successful approach.

If a job is not obtained in a week or so, we will help. However, it’s usually not an issue for our motivated residents.

Unfortunately insurance is not accepted for sober living. However, there are many treatment options that do accept insurance. Our sister company, Real Deal Therapy & Wellness, is an outpatient center that is coupled well with sober living.



Our Dallas home is a beautifully simple property with all benefits you could ever need!


Our Richardson home is perfect for anyone looking to live in a great city while staying sober, finding a job, and focusing on personal growth.


Our Plano Home is ginormous, with beautiful rooms and open spaces.


The West Plano home is modern, sleek, with a pool, pool table, and much more.

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