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Classic Plus

With a live-in manager, daily meditation meetings, accountability, utilities, and located in the nicest neighborhoods in DFW, our classic plus program is the step up.


Per Month


All utilities are provided. This includes all bills, internet, cable, fully furnished housing, with TV's in every room.

Onsite Management

Each of our homes has a dedicated in-person staff member that manages each resident, while leading daily and weekly meetings.


Live-in staff member, daily meditation meetings, weekly in-person accountability meetings, and random UA tests ensure our residents are held accountable.


Our classic + homes are found in the nicest neighborhoods in Dallas, with the nicest possible homes offered.

Simply put, the difference is in the house and neighborhood. Our classic homes are all beautiful and in wonderful neighborhoods, but our classic + homes are in the nicest homes and neighborhoods in the city. With the median home price for our classic + properties being near 1mm, it makes sense why someone who pay for the upscale offering.

That depends. If you prefer the nicest homes in the nicest neighborhoods (without the amenities provided in our signature program), then yes. However, if do not find it mandatory to be in the most upscale areas, then no. All of our locations are nice, safe, and most importantly, provide a wonderful opportunity to get and stay sober.