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Cocaine: How Long Does it Stay In Your System?

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Cocaine is a poison; once enters the body and flows into the bloodstream, it creates havoc in the entire system. It leaves an impact both immediate and in the long term. The physical and mental health of the consumer will suffer. The effects of the consumption start within seconds of use and remain active for a short time (depending on the method used). The debris remains in the systems for days and at times certain body parts have traces even after a long span of time.

How Long Does Cocaine Stay in Your Body?

Cocaine has the tendency of being broken down rather quickly and half of the dose on average leaves the body within six hours of its initial consumption. The rest leaves the body through different excretion means approximately in the timespan of next six to ten hours. What remains behind and is traceable are the metabolite particles; these are the byproduct of cocaine break up in the body. These metabolite have a longer life and are detectable in different body parts. This is what is looked for in order to ascertain the use of cocaine in a drug test. Learn more about what can cause a false positive for cocaine. The amount of time metabolite can remain in the various regions of the system and can be detected in a laboratory test are:

  • Urine– 48 to 96 hour’s; cocaine and metabolite both can be traced; on account of normal consumption, for a high consumption level the urine shall have metabolite particle for almost 2 weeks.
  • Saliva– Up to 2 days for both
  • Blood sample- 1 day, cocaine traces can be found. Metabolite can be traced in the blood for two days.
  • Sweating– Depending on the rate of perspiration and the usage traces of metabolite and cocaine are there for some weeks
  • Hair– 90 days till a longer period of time.
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Different Ways Cocaine Leaves the System

The breakup of cocaine into little particle and final excretion time are all based on averages, as the entire process is based on many factors which uniquely impact each person. The body functioning and metabolism of each consumer varies and plays a pivotal role in defining the length of time cocaine resides in the system. There are certain physical, social, internal, and external factors that vary the time span which codeine takes to excrete out of the human body, these include:

Excretion of cocaine from the body is directly proportional to:

  • The amount of movement and physical activity the user does
  • The quantity of liquid especially water the addict drinks
  • The weight and fat of the consumer
  • The quality and purity of cocaine used
  • The measure of drug used in a single sitting
  • The time span of usage
  • The extent of an underlying illness the user has-especially liver diseases

The secretion of cocaine from a human body is indirectly proportional to:

  • The measure of alcohol and other drugs consumed with cocaine
  • The speed with which it entered and impacted the system.

The different ways Cocaine is Used:

Cocaine FAQ's

While any assumption related to a healthy human body can be made with reasonable assurance the same cannot be said about the impact of a highly stimulating agent like cocaine on an addict’s body. Whether be it any form or manner cocaine damages the health of the consumer. It is extremely difficult for the addict to redeem back. As in the case of cocaine almost a quarter of the addict in rehabilitation, within a week start the use again. While the others fight a long battle not only with the addiction symptoms, but many other mental and physical problems which cocaine had gifted them over their usage span. Thus the key is to refrain from the allure and live a healthy life!

Cocaine typically can get out of someone’s system in a few days. If you are trying to pass a urine test, waiting up to 5 days would be recommended. Finding ways to sober up can help you in the short term. However, if the problem persists, it might be time to reach out for help.

Coke can cause a serious addiction. If you find yourself wondering how to live sober, do not fret. There are many really great options to get help. You can reach out to us anytime

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