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Do you have an issue with drug addiction, or do you know someone in your family or friend circle who does? Watching someone go through this can be heartbreaking and being addicted yourself can have devastating effects on your personal and professional life. While it is hard to force yourself or someone else to stop abusing drugs, there are ways to put a halt to this disastrous addiction. There are ways to get help and start recovery, and by getting the right support, it is possible to become drug-free.

What Is Addiction?

Addiction represents someone’s deep desire to use a substance at all times and the inability to stop using the said substance, despite all the harm it causes. Drug addiction often involves craving drugs like cocaine or heroin, but it is not limited to them. The condition is a chronic one, and sometimes, it can start from something as simple as taking medications. Other times, it can start from trying something out of curiosity while out in a bar.

When someone is an addict, they will show symptoms like a lack of self-control, the inability to stop abusing the substance/engaging in the addictive behavior, having a deep desire for the substance, having no emotional response, and ignoring the issues the addiction is causing.

Addiction can affect someone’s life a lot over time, ruining their jobs, relationships, and finances. Moreover, someone dealing with an addiction is prone to relapsing as time goes by, so they may go through periods of mild use and intense use, cycling between them. But addictions tend to get even worse over time, which can have severe, permanent health complications, not to mention bankruptcy and other problems.

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How To Know It's Time For Help

Getting help is the hardest thing when you are dealing with an addiction. However, the first step is always the hardest one. Most addicts ask for help once their addiction took over all aspects of their life and ruined them. Here are some signs that it may be time to seek help:

You Are Unable to Stop: You are aware of the addiction, yet you’re unable to stop. Whenever you attempt to quit, your body makes the cravings even worse, and you’re back to abusing the substance. Anyone who notices this sign should look for help from outside. When you can’t live even one day without the substance, getting treatment is the right thing to do. Being able to stop for a while but then ending up relapsing is also a sign that you should get treatment.

Causing Harm: Addiction is not pretty. A lot of individuals dealing with it end up causing harm either to themselves or others. If this is the case for you, it is a red flag and it means you should seek help. Harm could either involve physically or emotionally hurting others or yourself while consuming the substance or ending up with things like medical issues or diseases as a result of the consumption. You may also end up accidentally hurting yourself or other people.

Your Life Depends on the Addiction: Addiction cannot be ignored anymore when your whole life revolves around it. When you realize that addiction is the only interest you have going on, it is time to look for treatment.

The Addiction Results in Bad Consequences: A good sign that you need help is that you start losing things. Losing something large is the biggest sign. For instance, this could be losing your job, or ruining your marriage. It is a wake-up signal that shouldn’t be ignored. For younger people, a sign could be being kicked out of college or school or getting a DUI or DWI. A drug and alcohol evaluation gives drug users a chance to consider their consumption habits and routines. 

How To Get Help For Addiction

Wherever you are, you can get help for your addiction if you are looking for resources. Getting help is the first and the hardest step towards recovery, but it can be life-changing if you are dedicated to improving your life.

If you think you need help for an addiction, it is important to turn towards a physician or a self-help meeting where you can talk to people who are specialists in this area. You can attend a treatment assessment and take a loved one with you for more support.

Looking for a suitable physician or group in your area that can help you find the right rehab program will allow you to stop abusing the harmful substance while working towards a better life.

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Why Treatment Can Help

Treatment can help because not only does it allow the addict to detoxify and learn how to live without the substance, but also enables the individual to identify triggers and find better coping skills.

When someone is addicted to drugs, they will have to go through detoxification first, which helps the body to get rid of addictive substances. The individual is kept in a safe environment, without access to the substance or the possibility to harm themselves.

Since drug withdrawal can cause dangerous and unpleasant symptoms, detox can be very useful. Medication can also help as it can reduce cravings and addictive behavior while improving mood.

But detox is combined with other therapies for the best results. Cognitive-behavioral therapy is a common approach because it allows the addict to recognize triggers and develop better coping mechanisms.

Rational emotive behavior therapy is also used, as it enables the person to identify negative thoughts and find ways to combat them in a healthy manner.

Why Real Deal?

Real Deal can help you stay off the addiction for good by providing you with an outstanding sober living program. After detox and treatment, you still need to focus on improving your life and making sure you don’t relapse.

The sober living program offered by Real Deal will allow you to live in a quiet, beautiful location while working to stay off the addiction and find new life purposes. Drug tests are performed regularly, while you are taught skills that could make you go places. Real Deal can help you return to society as a new, better person.

So, what are you waiting for? If you are dealing with a drug addiction that took over every aspect of your life, seek help right now! The sooner you do it, the higher the chances you’ll have to prevent permanent damage.

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