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Alcohol Dependence

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Alcohol addiction is something that affects a lot of people for different reasons. When someone is an alcoholic, the signs become very obvious. They cannot stop drinking regardless of how many people have been warning them, or regardless of how many times they try to stop. If you’re in this situation, stopping is probably the hardest thing to do, and your withdrawal symptoms are making it impossible. You are probably judged by outsiders and made to feel like you don’t matter.

However, you matter, and if you need help getting rid of alcoholism, you can get it. The sooner you seek help for your problem, the faster you will be able to go back to living a healthier and more fulfilling life.

What is Alcoholism?

Alcoholism means alcohol abuse in the most severe form. It includes an individual being addicted to alcohol and unable to control their drinking habits. It is also known as alcohol use disorder, and it has three different types: mild, moderate, and severe. Regardless of the category, alcoholism has bad effects on one’s health and causes various symptoms.

When someone is an alcoholic, they feel as if they are unable to function without drinking alcohol. Not only is this physically and mentally harmful, but it can also impact the individual by ruining friendships, relationships, and professional goals. If the addiction keeps going and the person does not put an end to it, there could be serious side effects that will not only get worse but may also result in irreversible damage.

Genetics and environment are two of the things that often lead to alcoholism development. Anxiety, stress, and related disorders can also lead to alcoholism. When someone tries to let go of alcohol, they may face withdrawal symptoms, in which case they continue drinking to prevent or improve these symptoms.

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How To Know You're Dependent to Alcohol

Someone who drinks may not notice their dependence very easily. However, there are some key aspects showing that there’s more than just a pure appreciation of a single pint of beer or a glass of wine.

  • Sneaking the Alcohol: People who deal with alcohol dependence usually start drinking by themselves. They are no longer cheerful friends who fancy a beer with their pals. They suddenly turn into the loners who drink alone. Anyone finding themselves drinking alone very often and sneaking some sips is probably in a very dangerous spot regarding alcohol.
  • Being Unable to Stop: A lot of individuals who are dealing with alcoholism find it hard to stop drinking once they go on this path. When they plan on having one single drink, they actually end up having some more. They cannot stop drinking, and as soon as they wake up, they feel like drinking again. As a result, they can end up being under the influence of alcohol in serious or risky situations – for example, when they are driving.
  • Making Excuses Becomes the Norm: Some addicts will start making excuses for their alcohol dependence. Whenever they drink, they will always find a reason for this behavior. Some say that it is due to their stressful life or job, for example. However, making excuses is already a sign that maybe there is an addiction going on.
  • Drinking to Feel Normal: There are situations when certain people would always have a shot first before going to an important event or before meeting up with people. This is an indicator that they may be relying too much on alcohol. If they also feel very defensive or guilty about it, it’s another red flag.

Tolerance to Alcohol

Someone’s tolerance to alcohol will change based on their drinking behavior. The more they drink, the more tolerant their bodies will become when they receive a certain quantity of alcohol. Being able to drink more without getting drunk may feel great, especially for people who are not fond of the way they feel once they’ve reached their drinking limit.

But being alcohol tolerant is not always a positive thing. In fact, alcohol tolerance can influence someone’s drinking behavior and encourage them to drink more, which can lead to alcohol dependence and, in the end, organ damage.

Alcohol refusing alcohol

When to Ask For Help

It’s important to ask for help for your addiction as soon as possible, although it won’t be that easy. You may feel like it is embarrassing or that people are going to judge you harshly and be unwilling to help out. Moreover, there is a misconception going around that an alcoholic needs to hit rock bottom before things improve.

That is not the case, though. It is always important to get help sooner, because the more you wait, the worse the addiction will become. Once you notice any of the warning signs and think you are getting a little too comfortable consuming large amounts of alcohol every day, you should seek help. Alcohol rehab centers exist to help people suffering from these specific problems.

Finding Help

Finding treatment for your alcohol dependence is possible, and it will change your life for the better. There are different types of alcoholism, going from mild to severe, and the treatment will vary depending on how affected you are by the problem. Early treatment is extremely important.

Things will begin with you getting a diagnosis for your alcoholism. The doctor will do a physical exam and will ask you multiple questions about your drinking habits and not only. Imaging and lab tests may also be included, as well as psychological evaluations. Once a diagnosis is given, you can start your treatment and work towards recovery.

Treatment often involves an alcohol detox program, oral or injected medication, and psychological counseling. A lot of people also establish a treatment plan and start learning new skills.

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