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Alcohol Detox

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In moderation, a glass of wine here and there is not a problem. However, when the “occasional glass” turns into full-blown alcoholism, alcohol detox might be necessary. Find out whether you have an alcohol addiction or not, and if it is time for you to opt for medical detox.

What is Alcohol Detox?

Alcohol detox is the process of healing the system of a heavy drinker after extended alcohol abuse. During detox, the substance is allowed to clear out of the system until the bloodstream is clean. During the detox process, a variety of withdrawal symptoms may also occur.

Alcohol detox involves taking certain medications to manage the withdrawal medicine. Depending on the symptoms, pain medication may be administered, along with vitamin supplements. Medications to ease the craving and control your symptoms may also be prescribed.

Alcohol Dependence

Like any other substance, alcohol may also cause dependence. The more you drink, the more your brain’s reward system will be activated. A person who is dependent on alcohol will crave it and will be unable to control exactly how much they drink. Moreover, a person with this condition will develop a resistance to alcohol, experiencing withdrawal symptoms that last more than usual.

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Signs It's Time for Detox

When you need alcohol detox, the chances are that you will see the signs. Your body will tell you right away whether it is time to leave that glass down or not.

1. Your Overall Health is Beginning to Decline

When you consume too much alcohol, this can significantly affect your health. Long-term alcohol consumption may cause issues such as liver damage, anemia, heart problems, and even problems to the nervous system. Alcohol abuse can also lead to a variety of mental conditions, such as dementia. In many cases, the skin complexion of the person will also be affected by alcohol, as their face will look dry and lifeless in the advanced stages of alcoholism. 

2. You Are Losing Relationships

Alcohol addiction does not only affect your health; it affects your relationships as well. When you see that more and more of your friends and family are leaving you, there is a high chance that your alcohol addiction pushed them away. In this case, it might be a good moment to quit.

3. Your Performace is Suffering

A person that cannot stay in control of their drinking habits also experiences low performance at work. People with an alcohol addiction not only call in sick often, but they may also attempt to work under the influence. A person with an addiction might end up losing their job or get kicked out of school as a result of alcohol consumption. They might also not be able to hold on to their job for very long due to their affliction.

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Learning The Signs of Alcoholism

There is a big difference between being an occasional or casual drinker and an alcoholic. Alcoholism has some telltale signs. Here are the signs that someone might have a big alcohol problem:

Hiding Your Alcohol Consumption

Drinking a beer with your friends here and there is not a big problem, as long as it is controlled. It becomes a problem when you are regularly lying about it and how much you drink. An alcoholic will always have a bottle stashed somewhere in the house, consuming it before a meeting or going out. If you find yourself hiding just how much you drink, it might be a sign that you are dealing with alcoholism.

Frequent Withdrawal Symptoms

Hangovers are pretty common. In fact, around 22% of Americans claim that they had a hangover at least once in the past year. That is not alcoholism; it is just most likely a night when many wrong decisions were taken. The hangover passes, the withdrawal symptoms go away, and the person is as good as new.

The problems start when you experience the symptoms even if you haven’t been drinking the day before. In these circumstances, the addiction is so deep that you become physically dependent on the substance. If you are constantly going through headaches, fever, high blood pressure, or even fever, then this might be a sign that you are dealing with an addiction.

They Can't Stop Their Consumption Levels

When a person is not an alcoholic, they will have no issues when it comes to skipping drinks over the next week. However, if that person is an alcoholic, quitting is not exactly that easy. The cravings are typically so strong that all their attempts at quitting usually end up in failure.

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Finding The Best Detox for Alcoholism

In order to get past your alcoholism, you need to find the best detox programs. A medic may recommend one of the following courses of treatment: detoxification, medication, and relapse prevention training.

The substance not only needs to be taken out of the system, but steps need to be taken as well so that a relapse is prevented. This can only be done by a mix of detox, behavioral therapy, support groups, and other similar tactics.

For this reason, you need to carefully choose the detox center that you put your trust in. Make sure that it has the following:

  • Multiple methods to detox your system
  • Personalized detox programs for everyone’s needs
  • A comfortable setting for those that require inpatient treatment

By choosing the best detox center, you increase your chances of comfortably getting off the alcohol addiction.

How Real Deal Can Help

Real Deal can help by offering you multiple courses of treatment. Whether you are looking for inpatient treatment or outpatient treatment, medical detox, or any other type of detox, Real Deal can offer you personalized treatment plans. This will make sure that you get off the alcohol with as few issues as possible.

Alcohol addiction can cause problems not only to your health but also to your relationships and job. If you want to get your life back, give us a call and get help for your condition as soon as possible!

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