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Our Sober living Richardson home is perfect for anyone looking to live in the great city of Richardson while staying sober, finding a job and continuing to progress in their spiritual and physical life.


Richardson is a Barebones property.

  • On-Site Management
  • Daily Meetings
  • UA/Breathalyzer Testing
  • Personal TVs

Sober Living: What you need to know

It’s easy for someone unfamiliar with the world of addiction and recovery to get confused when they hear the term “sober living.” Isn’t sober living just another form of addiction rehab? Well, yes and no. Sober living is different from inpatient rehab in that residents are living in the “real world.” They are still in an environment where they are surrounded by others in recovery and supported by a house manager. They benefit from accountability like regular drug testing, mandatory meeting requirements, and curfews. But they are free to venture out during the day to attend work or school. Sober living, among the core services we offer, is a key step in teaching those in recovery to function without the need for drugs and alcohol.

Drug Rehab: What you should know

When we see someone experiencing drug addiction, we typically think they need to attend rehab to get better. It’s a thought that’s almost become part of our culture, especially today with high rates of addiction around the country. But what does going to rehab really mean? Drug rehab services typically consist of a treatment center, often with clinically trained staff, where patients check in for an extended period of time ranging from one month up to a year. Patients who check in are able to detox in a safe environment while learning the skills they need to stay sober from trained professionals. Typical services might include individual and group therapy, getting integrated with the local recovery community, and workshops on the tools needed to navigate relationships in sobriety.

Alcohol Rehab: What you could learn

When someone finds themselves unable to stop drinking once they start, or getting out of control when they drink and suffering consequences, they may think they just need to cut down. But what happens when they find that they can’t? That’s when it becomes a good idea to take advantage of alcohol rehab services. Alcoholism is a disease, and there is no cure—there’s no way to start drinking like a normal person again. But there are many evidence-based treatment options, and the most effective ones start with an inpatient rehab center. Inpatient alcohol rehab gives those with alcoholism the tools they need to stay sober and keep their disease at bay—one day at a time.

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