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Our Dallas sober living home is a great place to be. For proof, just check out the photos and information below. We would be happy to have you! The house is located near jobs, transportation, and plenty of opportunities. As a result, it’s a place to start a new life. 


Sober living is the stepping stone between getting sober and starting life in the real world. At Real Deal, we believe recovery is a lot more than just abstinence from drugs and alcohol. Especially in the great city of Dallas. With many things to do, jobs to secure and people to meet, Dallas is the best place to start your journey. 

If we stopped using drugs and alcohol but had nothing else to live for, we would be miserable. This is not the way to find happiness in recovery. Recovery is a journey we take with the help of others, and happiness comes from the journey itself. Here’s why sober living is so crucial to recovery:

1. Community

Community is something that is important for everyone– especially in recovery. It is extremely difficult to make any change without support. Imagine beginning your life without parents or guardians to support you. Starting the journey of recovery is similar. We need a community to survive. In sober living, we are all struggling with the disease of addiction. And only together do we have a chance of success. 

2. Discipline

In terms of creating a new life, building and maintaining discipline may be the most important aspect. When we get sober we have to change our life totally. It starts with simple things like making our beds, cleaning up after ourselves, and opening the door for strangers. But soon this “trickle down affect,” as we call it, affects every aspect of our lives. From being better employees to being better friends, it all starts with discipline. 

3. Open-Mindedness

Being open-minded is sometimes difficult. As addicts, we always think very highly of ourselves. We believe we know what’s right. Considering we hold on to that belief while our lives are imploding, it sounds crazy, doesn’t it? We end up drug addicts but still somehow believe we know how to live properly! If we do not smash the delusion of being all-knowing and become open to change we are doomed! Luckily, sober living gives us the tools to be open-minded, even if it might be painful at first.

4. Lifelong Friendships

Community is crucial in early recovery, and long-term friendships are the end result. The people around us determine the future we will have. If we stay close and continue to work together, not only do we have people who believe in us, but we have true friends who care about us. The friendships you make in sober living will last a lifetime.

5. Accountability 

Holding together communities and friendships is the glue of accountability. We must be accountable for our actions in recovery. And we must make changes to correct the mistakes we make. If we live in sober living we will have built-in accountability. From daily check-ins to accountability meetings, Real Deal provides the necessary foundation for strong accountability.

Community facing an obstacle together

Included Amenities

NE Dallas is a Barebones property.

All our facilities are fully furnished

  1. On-Site Management
  2. Daily Meetings
  3. UA/Breathalyzer Testing
  4. Personal TVs
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What is sober living?

Sober living is a type of transitional addiction treatment. It bridges the gap between inpatient drug and alcohol rehab and returning to life in the real world. Residents live in a community with others who are at a similar stage of recovery. Furthermore, they support and hold each other accountable and are watched over by a manager. Typically, residents work, attend school, or participate in an outpatient addiction treatment program while in sober living. If you want more information about services we offer, click here.

Why drug rehab?

In today’s world, the dangers of drug addiction are well known. All you need to do is turn on the news and you’ll hear about overdoses, arrests, and the opioid epidemic. It’s safe to say drug addiction is a serious problem in our society. That’s where drug rehab services come in. Drug rehab is inpatient treatment for addiction. Patients check in to a facility for a period of time—typically one month, three months, or sometimes longer—and receive intensive treatment. Additionally, they live with other people new to recovery and receive the tools they need to live drug-free lives. Those who attend drug rehab have a much better chance of staying sober than those who attempt recovery on their own. Rehab should be a top priority for anyone struggling with drug addiction.

Why alcohol rehab?

Alcoholism is more than just someone who drinks too much. Alcoholism is a disease that makes a person unable to stop drinking and lose control when they drink. And like any disease, it’s a lot easier to recover from with professional help—and alcohol rehab is the ultimate form of professional help. It involves intensive inpatient treatment that usually lasts for one or more months. Typically, alcohol rehab services include programs like one-on-one counseling, group recovery workshops, and an introduction to community support groups such as Alcoholics Anonymous. Few people have ever been able to stop drinking on their own, which is why rehab is the perfect choice to treat alcoholism. 

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