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Sober Living in Texas

sober living in texas real deal

Sober Living Homes

Welcome to Real Deal Sober Living, the ultimate destination for Texas sober living. Our recovery residences serve as a bridge between inpatient facilities and independent sober living. With several sober living homes spread across the state, we provide our residents with a comprehensive recovery program aimed at helping individuals transition from addiction treatment to a sober life. Our sober living facilities are your home away from home, offering the ideal environment and tools necessary for a sustainable recovery journey.

Why Choose a Real Deal Sober House in Texas?

A Nurturing Environment

Our sober living homes are situated in serene environments that encourage recovery and growth. We understand the importance of a safe environment, especially in early recovery. Our sober houses have strict policies to ensure a drug-free environment. This fosters the mental and emotional well-being that is so critical during the early stages of recovery.

Recovery Support Services

We don’t just provide a roof over your head; we are actively involved in your recovery process. Our live-in house managers are always available to provide support. They conduct daily meetings and ensure regular drug tests. Our sober living program integrates clinical services from addiction professionals, ensuring that you receive the comprehensive care and professional support needed for recovery. Our addiction treatment services are top-notch, focusing on personalized treatment plans.

Personal Growth and Community

Personal growth is a fundamental part of the recovery process. At Real Deal, we foster a sense of community through fellowship. Our residents are encouraged to engage in house chores, attend group meetings, and participate in community activities. This builds relationships, teaches responsibility, and integrates them into the sober living community.

Comprehensive Treatment Program

Our treatment program is all-encompassing, incorporating therapy, a consistent diet, and exercise as part of a holistic approach to addiction treatment. We focus on not just overcoming drug and alcohol addiction but building a new life in sobriety. We deep dive into the underlying causes of addiction to ensure that our residents receive the best care possible.

Employment and Independent Living

Understanding the importance of financial independence for women in recovery, we support our residents in finding a full-time jobs. But it doesn’t stop there; we also offer life skills training vital for independent living. Our sober living facility fosters a supportive environment that helps residents live independently and ensures they are on the right track toward a sustainable sober life.

Our Locations in Texas

We have strategically positioned our sober living homes in Texas to be accessible to people from San Antonio, Texas Hill Country to Dallam County, and everywhere. Our facilities are near public transport and local amenities. Some of our prominent locations include:

  • NE Dallas sober living home: 10219 Sunridge Trail, Dallas, Texas

  • Richardson sober living home: 23 Grant Circle, Richardson, Texas

  • OG Plano sober living home: 1117 Lakestream Drive, Plano, Texas

  • West Plano sober living home: 4445 Burnhill Drive, Plano, Texas

  • Farmers Branch Sober Living: 13375 Glenside Drive, Farmers Branch, Texas

Holistic Addiction Treatment

Our recovery program takes a holistic approach, integrating physical health, mental health, and social aspects into the treatment plan. Through the National Alliance, we ensure that our residents can access the best addiction treatment tailored to suit their needs.

Our Partnerships

Real Deal is proud to partner with Human Services Commission Partners and other organizations in the Texas Health sector. Through these partnerships, we can offer residents a wide range of services and payment options. These collaborations also allow us to stay abreast of best practices in the sober living, rehab, and addiction recovery fields.

Fostering Healthy Relationships

As part of our community-focused approach, we encourage family involvement and foster healthy relationships among our house residents. This support network is crucial in early recovery. Additionally, our houses are pet-friendly, recognizing pets’ role in recovery.

Relapse Prevention and Long-Term Sobriety

We understand that staying sober doesn’t just happen; it requires a daily commitment. Our relapse prevention plan involves educating our clients and residents on the triggers and equipping them with tools for managing stress and other emotions.

Substance Use Disorders and Treatment

Whether it’s alcohol, drugs, or both, we cater to individuals dealing with various substance use disorders. Our evidence-based treatment methodologies and compassionate care ensure that you or your loved one receives the treatment and support necessary for recovery.

Choose Sober Living with Real Deal

At Real Deal Sober Living, we are committed to helping you build a new life free from drugs and alcohol. Our Texas sober living programs and homes are designed to provide the structure, tools, and support necessary for a fulfilling and sustainable sober life. Embrace sobriety with Real Deal today and take the first steps on your recovery journey.



Our Richardson home is perfect for anyone looking to live in a great city while staying sober, finding a job, and focusing on personal growth.


Our Plano Home is ginormous, with beautiful rooms and open spaces.


The West Plano home is modern, sleek, with a pool, pool table, and much more.


The Farmers Branch home is located near jobs, transportation, and plenty of opportunities.


Our Dallas home is a beautifully simple property with all benefits you could ever need!