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Sober Living Homes

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Sober living homes help people come back from addiction so that they can return to a normal life. They represent a way to offer someone a place to live, but also to make sure they form healthy coping habits and skills before they go back into the real world.

Sometimes, a house will be privately owned, while other times it is owned by a charity organization or a business. Understanding what sober living homes are, how they work and how to find the right one is important for someone who is just out of drug rehab, or someone looking to help a loved one find the right home.

What Are Sober Living Homes?

Sober living homes represent group houses for individuals who dealt with addiction and are recovering from it. The facilities serve as sober living environments, and they come with a set of rules. After someone went through a drug rehabilitation program, they also need to make sure they maintain a sober lifestyle, which can be difficult if they make a sudden shift from rehab back to their normal life. As such, sober living homes are transitional environments for these people, helping them slowly adapt while building healthy coping skills.

For this reason, a sober living home is often known as halfway or transitional housing. It focuses on keeping someone away from their previous environment where they may have kept their substances or an environment that was too unhealthy and fueled the addiction. Thus, residents of sober living houses do not have to worry about any pressures from outside.

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Do Sober Living Homes Help Addicts & Alcoholics?

People go to sober living homes for help and support, because the homes were made for this very reason. Sometimes, they are either part of an extended care treatment program, or an individual may simply seek them in an attempt to prevent the overwhelming effects that would come with going straight back to their usual life after rehab.

Often, when a person is out of rehab, they can spiral back into their addiction not long afterward if they go back to their real home. Every situation is different and may bring different outcomes, but in general, trying to reenter real life can be extremely overwhelming on someone who is trying to escape addiction.

Why Homes Can Help Everyone

They may lack support from others around them, as their friends/family may either be enablers or they may not want to be around the former addict anymore. All of these increase the risk of someone potentially picking back up the substance they were previously abusing.

Sober living homes can help alcoholics and addicts in many ways. They were created so that a former addict can regain independence as time passes by. The individual recovering from addiction can start going to meetings, taking certain classes, cooking meals, and even going to work. This ensures that the clinical treatment and counseling of a patient can continue, while they are preparing to enter the real world again.

So, the former addict has more independence, being able to go to other places as they please and engage in different activities.

Why Do People Attend Sober Living?

Stability is often hard to achieve when someone is just out of rehab, particularly if they have no support circle. This is exactly why people attend sober living: they need support.

People come from all sorts of backgrounds. Certain individuals may come from abusive households, while others happened to fall into addiction and lose all their friends in the process, as well as their jobs, money, and others.

So, going to sober living homes brings someone peace and silence. The houses are located in nice, remote areas, where access to nature is easier, and where it is much easier to clear their mind and even learn how to repair relationships or create new ones.

Other Benefits

People learn how to make a new life for themselves. Moreover, residents understand that there is life after addiction, that life goes on and happiness can be achieved even though your past wasn’t the brightest.

Sober living homes encourage people to stay healthy and productive, and they also teach their residents several skills. This way, people will stay away from potential temptations in the transition process, such as party-going close friends, drug users, and so on.

Moreover, former addicts tend to be more willing to keep working on something when they see they are not alone. Sober living homes will also have other residents trying to achieve the same result. So, the community will be full of like-minded people, who can share their experiences and determine each other to work towards the desired outcome.

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How Do I Find The Right Sober Living Home?

Through a bit of research and preparation, anyone has the potential to find the right sober living home. Overall, what’s important is to spot the red flags and recognize the good signs.

The location of the sober living home is a key aspect that should help someone make a decision because it will be where all life activities will take place for a while. So, the location must be safe, but also offer easier access to school, work, grocery shops, and other necessary things. Anyone relocating to a new city or moving to a different area should think about these aspects.

Visiting sober living houses is also another way to find the right home. Doing so can allow someone to see the place with their own eyes, see how the residents live, and what the options are for transportation, activities, and many other things.

What is also important is to learn as much as you can about the staff and the rules. The staff must be professional and licensed, and it must also treat residents with kindness and willingness to help them. Reviewing the rules can also help see how the home takes care of the residents. It may be important to discover the policy on things like social activities, romantic relationships, and other things, and see how the staff makes sure residents are staying off the addiction.

Life At Real Deal Sober Living Homes

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Real Deal is an amazing program of many different sober living homes. Our main focus is on productivity and progress, not just the avoidance of drugs and alcohol. Learn more about our sober living program and vacancies today!

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