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Addiction Recovery- What You Need to Know

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When it comes to addiction, there’s more to it than staying sober. For some people, the path towards recovery may last months – even years. Getting help for your recovery is what will likely bring you on the right path towards a sober life.

What is Addiction Recovery?

When someone is in “recovery,” it means that they are getting treatment for an addiction that they are going through. Recovery can mean many things to many people. For some, it might mean the detox process. For others, it might mean the process of staying sober.

Recovery might also mean powering through your behavioral impulses. A person may be sober, but still recovering from their addiction. Every time they are resisting the impulse to consume the addictive substance, they are going through recovery. It’s an active phase, and the patient is doing all they can in order to push through it.

How Can I Get Help for my Addiction?

To get help for your addiction, you might want to reach out to an addiction center. You may go to a center nearby if you have good options, but some prefer going to a center in a different city or area. This will keep them away from the triggers that would usually prevent their recovery.

When going to an addiction center, you will receive multiple options of treatment. First things first, you will likely have to go for medical detox. After that, the doctor will decide whether you need to go for inpatient therapy or if outpatient will work just as well.

Help is given at any center that provides it; you just need to ask for it. Once you realize you have a problem, you are one phone call away from recovery. You will be checked out, and based on the stage of your addiction, you will be given an appropriate course of treatment.

Once the treatment starts, you will be on your way towards recovery. Bear in mind that for the help to take effect, you must want it yourself. For recovery to be efficient, you need to be determined enough. You need to want to get off the drug. Unless there is strength underneath your decision, you will not be able to receive the help that you want.

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What Does Recovery Mean?

Recovery is a challenge to many people. When you are in recovery, it means that you will need to make the proper choices in order to maintain your sober status. It takes a whole load of determination and concentration to power through it. And holding onto it each day might appear like a great challenge.

Recovery also means to take it easy. Recovery is a whole process – and for some, it might take a long time until it fully blows over. When a person is in recovery, the following things might happen:

  • The person in recovery will have a feeling of kinship towards others that are also recovering
  • Friends and circles are adjusted based on how they affect the recovery process
  • Decisions are made based on the way in which the process of recovery is affected
  • A person going through recovery will never let their guard down

Recovery generally touches every part of a former addict’s life. It is a daily reminder of their progress and what they have achieved so far, but it is also a lesson in appreciating what you have. Regardless of how long the recovery may last, it is important that you treat yourself with kindness.

Addict in recovery

Finding Long-Term Solutions to Addiction

During the recovery process, you need to think about matters in the long term. Certain solutions and tactics will help you recover from your addiction and stay clean for a longer time. Here is what you should do as a recovering addict in order to stay sober:

1. Change Your Lifestyle

Recovery means that you want to get past a certain bad stage from your life. Therefore, unless you actually make some changes to your life, you will slip right back into addiction. An alcoholic that used to work as a bartender should never return to their previous type of work. In fact, they should look for something in a completely different field. Rearranging their lifestyle will ensure that they do not spiral back into addiction

2. Go To a Therapist

One thing that many people do not seem to understand is that there’s a reason why they became addicted in the first place. For example, an alcoholic may have started because he had some negative thoughts and feelings, which he then wanted to drown with alcohol. By going to a therapist, they might be able to reach the underlying cause of why they started abusing the substance.

3. Find Good Support Groups

When looking for long-term recovery, mutual support groups have shown to be quite efficient. It is highly therapeutic to talk with someone who went through the exact same thing that you did. They will be able to offer you a sympathetic ear and a shoulder to lean on – one that you will actually believe. Plus, by going at mutual support groups, you will be highly motivated to succeed, but also less likely to relapse. Watching their successful recoveries, you will have the motivation necessary to succeed as well.

Why Real Deal is a Good Option

Real Deal offers not only detox sessions to help you get off the substance, but also methods of recovery in the long term. Outpatient therapy and mutual support group sessions will keep you in check, and the regular checkup will ensure that you do not drop back right into the addiction. We have all the methods necessary to ensure a smooth recovery.

Recovery starts the moment you decide you want to change your life. Once you go through detox, the rest is up to you. Your determination to get better will ensure you always stay on the right track. In the meantime, contact us to ask for help and we’ll give you all the support you need.

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