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Adderall: How Long Does it Stay In Your System?

Adderall is a medicine which has many stimulating properties, creating addictive issues for its users. The basic purpose of Adderall, as you will soon read, is to assist those struggling with ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder). This medicine may become dependent, ensuring the user’s health depends on its consumption. An influencer, Adderall alters the hormonal and chemical production in the body. While as a medicine it helps to improve the condition of the patients, in a healthy body it can create irreversible havoc.

Adderall effects

What is Adderall & How Is It Addictive?

Adderall is an amphetamine used for the treatments of ADHD. Because it works as a stimulant, the main objective for Adderall is to help patients focus on activities or control behavioral problems. It may also assist in helping patients become more organized, while improving listening and learning skills.

Generally, it is available in the form of pill or capsule, and prescribed to swallow. As an addiction, it is exploited and injected in the blood vessels or inhaled through the nose. The liver generally is the pivotal organ which uptakes the medicine and releases it from the system in the same form, while almost quarter of it is broken down into metabolites and other acidic forms, the likes of benzoic and hip-uric acids.Add

Adderall in the System

Half of the Adderall is expelled from the body within 9 to 15 hours of consumption. The rest of it is broken down by the body to be expelled through various channels over the course of coming days. The metabolite particles tend to leave the body at a slower pace. The presence of such metabolite in the body is used as a proof to state the use of Adderall by the particular person. The time span for during which the particle can remain and can be detected by the particular laboratory test are:

  • Urine: Starting from 2 hours after consumption till almost 5 days after the use.
  • Blood: 2 to 3 hours after consumption till almost 46 to 48 hours.
  • Saliva: Starting from 5 to 10 minutes after use till almost 3 days.
  • Hair Sample: Particles reside 1 week after use and can be detected till 3 months.

Time Table of Adderall Leaving Body

The time period which Adderall takes to break down, and expels out of the human system, depends on many factors and individual traits of the consumer.

The time span which Adderall takes to leave the human body is directly proportional to:

  • The body structure: The user’s body type, body mass, weight, layers of fat and the overall confinement of the body play an important role in determining the time of expulsion.
  • The method of intake: When abused Adderall is broken and taken through different means, the faster the impact the quickly it is released from the body.
  • Metabolism level: Metabolism is the name given to the body’s capability of absorbing and breaking down the consumed substance. The faster the rate of uptake, the quickly the cleanup.
  • Healthy body: The healthier the body; the efficient the organs shall work resulting in faster expulsion.
  • Other eatables: Directly this does not impact the drug or its impact! The only effect it has shall be on the entire process of excretion when Adderall is consumed while taking in other eatables. The system will break up that too thus Adderall will remain in the system till a long time. So, the more food consumed the longer it will remain in the body.

Adderall expulsion is indirectly proportional to:

  • BMI: This is determination of body’s bulk with its stature, lower BMI shall process the drug faster while high BMI results in slowing up of the process.
  • Age of the consumer: Ideally the older the user the longer it takes for Adderall to leave the human body- this applies in the case when the young body is healthy, which shall rarely be the case if it is an addicts body!
  • Anxiety levels: The greater the anxiety and pressure level of the user the slower the uptake of the drug.
  • PH level of the body: The lower the pH the faster the rate of expulsion as acidity helps in breaking down the ingredients of Adderall.
  • Dose and frequency of the dose: The number of times Adderall is taken, the type of Adderall taken and bout taken impact the cleansing proficiency of the body. Increase in percentage of these factors will decrease the body’s level of competences 


Getting Adderall out of your system should take around 3-5 days on average. However, there are many factors that will determine the specific time in which it takes to pass a drug test. Ultimately, just sobering up may not be the best solution. Especially if the Adderall use is becoming a problem. To learn more about living sober, reach out to us anytime.