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Sober Living Apartments, Dallas, TX

real deal sober living apartments

Embrace a New Life in Sober Living with Us

When maintaining long-term sobriety, choosing the right environment is crucial. As such, Real Deal Sober Living in Dallas, TX, is a clear choice for many. This affordable option creates a unique sober living environment that fosters personal growth and community. Here, residents enjoy the best aspects of a sober lifestyle, away from the triggers and stress of independent living.

Our Pet-Friendly Sober Living Homes

One of our distinguishing features is our pet-friendly sober living homes. We acknowledge the healing and comforting effects pets can bring. Therefore, we warmly welcome residents with their furry companions. Our supportive community is devoted to cultivating an environment that is not just pet-friendly but also conducive to recovery from addiction.

The Role of Our House Manager

A live-in house manager ensures a stable and supportive environment at every Real Deal Sober Living home. They facilitate daily meetings, conduct regular drug and breathalyzer tests, and provide residential support. Our house managers are committed to upholding accountability and maintaining a sober environment conducive to recovery.

Our Upscale Facilities

We take pride in providing upscale facilities to all our residents. Each of our properties is thoughtfully designed and meticulously maintained to ensure residents feel at home while nurturing their new life in sobriety.

Residential Treatment Facility vs. Our Sober Living Houses

While both residential treatment facilities and sober living houses offer a sober environment, our sober living houses offer more flexibility. Residents in our homes can move in and out, fostering independent living while being part of a supportive community. This makes our sober living houses a preferred choice for many.

Low-Stress Independent Living

The inclusive billing system of Real Deal Sober Living homes helps residents focus on their recovery journey, reducing financial stress. In contrast, sober living apartments might not include utilities and other expenses in the monthly rent, which can add to residents’ stress.

Supportive Community, Actively Engaged Housemates

One of the best aspects of Real Deal Sober Living homes in Dallas is the supportive community actively fostering a sober living environment. Regular meetings, shared responsibilities, and communal activities promote a sense of belonging and mutual support.

Long Term Sobriety

The ultimate goal of a sober living apartment or home in Dallas, TX, is to provide its residents with a solid foundation for long-term sobriety. Their comprehensive program includes therapy, consistent diet, and exercise, all of which help residents to adopt a balanced lifestyle conducive to recovery.

A Clear Mission

Real Deal Sober Living has a clear mission: to go beyond traditional sober living by helping residents overcome active addiction and build a new life. Through comprehensive recovery support, they aim to help every resident achieve long-term sobriety.

The Best Sober Living Apartments in Dallas

Dallas’s Real Deal Sober Living network has several locations, each providing residents with a unique, supportive living experience. The pet-friendly homes and apartment-like facilities provide a comfortable, upscale setting for recovery.

Dallas, Texas Area Sober Living Homes

With multiple homes in the Texas area, including Dallas, Plano, and Richardson, Real Deal offers options to cater to different needs. Residents can choose a location best suited to their lifestyle and recovery goals. The network extends beyond Dallas, providing more options and flexibility.

Dallas Trademark: Special Program for Women

Two buildings under Real Deal Sober Living – Central Dallas E1 and E2 and Dallas Trademark – focus on programs specifically designed for women. These programs cater to women’s unique needs and challenges in recovery, creating an empowering and nurturing environment.

Why Choose Real Deal?

Choosing Real Deal Sober Living Apartments in Dallas, TX, means choosing a committed, supportive community that fosters an environment conducive to recovery. The upscale facilities, pet-friendly options, dedicated house managers, and a holistic approach to addiction treatment make Real Deal an obvious choice for those committed to building a new life.

Social Activities and Peer Support

Real Deal Sober Living encourages residents to participate in social activities and support each other. By engaging with peers who are also on the path to recovery, residents find encouragement and understanding that is vital in this journey.

Move In and Embrace the Journey

Real Deal Sober Living makes the move-in process seamless. With all bills included and an inclusive, supportive environment, residents can transition smoothly and focus on their recovery journey.

Your New Life Awaits

Real Deal Sober Living in Dallas, TX, offers a comprehensive, supportive, and upscale environment for individuals committed to a sober lifestyle. With a clear mission, a focus on long-term sobriety, and a pet-friendly policy, it’s the ideal place to start your new life. Real Deal has a place for you whether you’re looking for sober living houses or apartments. Embrace the journey and build a new life with Real Deal Sober Living. Contact us today.



Our Richardson home is perfect for anyone looking to live in a great city while staying sober, finding a job, and focusing on personal growth.


Our Plano Home is ginormous, with beautiful rooms and open spaces.


The West Plano home is modern, sleek, with a pool, pool table, and much more.


The Farmers Branch home is located near jobs, transportation, and plenty of opportunities.


Our Dallas home is a beautifully simple property with all benefits you could ever need!