Sober living Redefined

what is sober living?

Sober living is a type of transitional living proven to make successful recovery more likely. Residents typically come from an inpatient treatment facility and have been sober for thirty days or more when they move in.

One of our sober living homes in Plano.

One of our sober living homes in Plano.

Our sober living program stands apart from the crowd with a focus on accountability, self-improvement, and community. Our amenities at all locations include live-in house managers, regular drug and breathalyzer testing, daily meetings, and comfortable homes with personal TVs— and much more at our Signature homes. Whether you need to go to Dallas, Plano, or Richardson, we are here to help you.

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sober living with a twist

We take the struggling and turn them into the prosperous.

Through direction, fellowship, accountability, employment, and forward momentum, we will help you find purpose.

Our offerings are much more than what you might expect from sober living. The services we offer are extensive— from therapy that helps to fix the damage done by addiction, to an accountable staff who makes sure no one falls through the cracks, something that happens all too often in recovery. We even allow pets and individual rooms at our downtown location as part of our Signature Program. Questions? Click here for answers.

The Real deal Difference

All of our staff have experienced the struggle of addiction and found that “just being sober” is a miserable place to be. It wasn’t a long-term solution to their problem.

So, we founded Real Deal: a company to show everyone that recovery is not only possible, but more importantly, that life can be filled with joy and purpose.

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