The Remote Program

Creating an accountable sober living community. But online.

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Find a community, maintain sobriety, and create a new life.

All within the comfort of your home.


With daily meetings, accountability groups, and personalized recovery programs, The Remote Program is the perfect choice. 


Support will be given thru direct meeting with staff multiple times a week, plus the communal support from all those in the groups.


Develop and maintain a consistent routine. Wake up early, make your bed, go to work, exercise, go to group, repeat. 

Successful Virtual Recovery

Changing the way we think about dealing with addiction, while focusing on the same principals of recovery. 

How it Works


We have group meetings every morning and evening. These groups connect the community, set daily goals, hold others accountable, and make sure productivity is being reached.


Individual meetings will take place weekly. These meetings will focus on personalized and tailored recovery plans. We will ensure each community member will be on the perfect road to recovery for them.


Because addiction affects everyone involved, we prioritize the health of the entire family. With weekly family meetings, updates, and informational tutorials, families are sure to get the peace they deserve. 

How To Start

Join the program online. Simply apply here.

We will schedule an introduction call. 

You will then start your Remote meetings.

Questions? Drop a line below.