Men Only Sober Living

Men Only Sober Living has extreme benefits

Why Men Only Sober Living?

We believe in quality, connection, and true transitional care. We believe that in order for an individual to truly recover and focus on themselves, distractions should be kept to a minimal. So, this means we must continue to keep sex separate sober living facilities. To further illuminate our stance on sex separate recovery housing, please read the following. This is a story a family friend wrote us about returning from war, alcohol problems, and most of all focusing on himself when women were around.

Joe's Story

“It was fall of 1945 and I had just returned from active duty in the world war. Times were hard for all of us, but I knew my personal issues where bound to follow me on my return home to America. It was in Europe I had found a love for alcohol. The stress of war, relying on my brothers and the fear of death left me trembling. It was in alcohol’s warmth that I found a reliable strength. I found the confidence for battle and the ability to confront my brothers on tales of hope and prosperity.

The thing I never doubted nor admittedly considered was that alcohol, my once beloved companion, would follow me regardless of life’s situations.

Once returning home I quickly reestablished myself with modern society. I believed at once that my drinking problems were long over. I had given up drinking for good.

I began dating a series of women. I could not help but do so, as I was single and had just returned from doing the lords work; I deserved to have some fun. In the midst of dating I forgot the extremities my old friend alcohol had put me through, and drank again.

These women I had been dating, I later recalled, had been a hindrance on any progress I had made thus far. Unfortunately for me it took many years of chasing women, failed relationships, poverty and homelessness to truly learn my truth.

I continued to attempt to work on myself, my alcoholic problems, while managing new relationships with women. I really believed I had the capacity, as an alcoholic, to balance the focus between solving my problems and human relationships. I found each and every tacit to be of utmost disappointment.

It was not until a man approached me in 1956, talking of his connection with God and the fellowship in his program, that I was able to get and stay sober. Within our first few meetings he stressed that I leave women alone until I had solved the drink problem. Without any friends, any money, and any woman to call my own, I decided I ought to listen, for I had no alternative choice.

The next weeks were more rugged than I’d like to explain. The shakes and fever were just the beginning. The next level was of complete moral devastation, as I had to admit complete defeat to Alcohol. After I had taken the suggestions one man provided, I found love for myself, a fellowship of people, and a connection with God. I was truly on another existence of the planet and with my fellows.

I could never give any suggestions that were not given to me, but from personal experience I stress the importance of getting away from distractions, whether woman, man, or money, and take time to be honest within yourself. It took me years to come to this realization but once I was able to understand the seriousness of this disease, all other predicaments seemed minuscule in stature….”

Old Man Staring into His life

Important Facts on Same Sex Sober Living

Same sex treatment works the quickest and the best. Why? Because programs tailored to same sex residents has a similar target audience, less diversity, and more overall like-mindedness to work with. This results in a much more efficient process, often helping people at a largely quicker rate.

Are there co-ed sober livings?

There are a few companies that offer co-ed styled sober livings. Although we wouldn’t consider doing such a thing, it doesn’t mean it cannot be done! We know and work with some awesome companies, specifically inpatient treatment centers like La Hacienda, who are co-ed. And co-ed treatment has worked really well for them. But for most of sober livings, co-ed is not an option.