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Signs of Meth Use

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Meth use is a common problem. Usually, it can be very difficult to identify addiction signs, particularly if you do not know how this drug can affect an individual in the short and long term.

In order to be able to seek help for yourself or a loved one, it’s essential to understand the signs, symptoms, and side effects of meth on someone’s body. Giving up on meth is not something one can easily do once they have developed an addiction, which is why they need professional help.

Explaining Meth

Methamphetamine, also called meth, crystal, crystal meth, crank, or tina, is a stimulant drug. It is developed from amphetamine, and it can affect the central nervous system.

It usually comes in a bitter-tasting, odorless white powder form. In some cases, it can also appear in a compressed powder or a semi-transparent crystallized form. Those abusing the drug do so because of the feelings of euphoria the drug can offer, but also due to the energy boost.

The National Institute on Drug Abuse has declared that methamphetamine was first developed in the 20th century. At first, it was used in medicine, but its potency resulted in many harmful, long-lasting effects on one’s central nervous system.

Even though the drug is derived from amphetamine, there is a difference between the two. Meth has more potent effects that last for longer, and this is because the substance is faster in breaking through the blood-brain barrier.

Meth can be either snorted, smoked, injected, or eaten. Due to its pleasant effects, people want to keep using it more and more. This is why its addiction potential is so high.

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Short-Term Signs of Meth Use

Meth can have some specific effects in the short-term, such as:

  • Decreased appetite
  • Faster breathing
  • Overheating
  • Fast or irregular heartbeat
  • Increased physical activity

There may also be some warning signs that someone is using meth, although some may be harder to notice at first. When someone is abusing meth, they might:

  • Have a harder time sleeping
  • Show disinterest in things they used to love
  • Have bad hygiene that is getting worse by the day
  • Act irritable, confused, or anxious
  • Experience mood swings or show aggression
  • Own burnt spoons, syringes, surgical tubes, or any other drug paraphernalia

After using meth, you may end up feeling quite exhausted physically, mainly because your body is pushed too hard and fast due to the consumption.

There is also a high risk of an overdose, in which case one will show symptoms such as a high body temperature and convulsions. Some may experience worse signs like a stroke, multiple organ problems, or heart attack. Not getting treatment immediately after an overdose can be deadly.

Meth Addict Using Meth

Long-Term Signs of Meth Use

Some symptoms only affect an addict in the short term, but there are also long-term effects if the individual keeps using the drug. Over time, the person will notice signs such as:

  • Tooth loss or decay
  • Weight loss
  • Sores due to scratching itchy skin

Physical Meth Abuse Signs

What makes meth consumption so terrible apart from the long-term effects and withdrawals, is the fact that people rarely realize what is going on until the issue gets to the addiction or abuse phase. Someone who is using crystal meth can easily spiral into abuse due to its high addiction potential.

Once someone has become dependent on the drug, there will be some physical signs present. They will be there whether the individual is new to meth, or they’ve been abusing the substance for a while. Some physical signs resulting from meth abuse include:

  • Convulsions
  • Sores or acne
  • Rotting teeth (also called “meth mouth”)
  • A frail, thinning body
  • Liver damage
  • A facial skin droopy quality
  • Increased libido
  • Stroke
  • Decreased infectious disease susceptibility/lower immunity
  • Scratching a lot
  • An intense body temperature increase

Having an increased libido can also put the person at risk of contracting sexually transmitted diseases. This is mainly because the high libido comes with lower inhibitions – therefore, the addict is more likely to have sexual relations without using protection.

Psychological Meth Abuse Signs

Besides the physical side effects, there are also some psychological signs, as the drug is known to affect the brain. When someone uses meth, they will get feelings of euphoria initially, as the drug can increase the brain’s dopamine levels.

Although dopamine is an important chemical, it doesn’t only affect pleasure, but also one’s learning ability and memory. If an individual keeps abusing meth, the brain will be constantly bombarded with dopamine, and this can result in a dopamine level imbalance in the brain. So, memory problems can arise, as well as issues when it comes to learning new motor skills and other things.

Some users also report experiencing psychosis, which involves delusions, visual and auditory hallucinations, irritability, and paranoia. Psychosis is one of the things that may cause a meth addict to scratch a lot. Basically, they see bugs crawling on their skin, so picking and scratching all the time is how they try to relieve this feeling.

Tweaking is also something that a meth addict can deal with. It involves insomnia for 3-15 days, as well as side effects like confusion, paranoia, and irritability. Tweaking usually occurs when someone consumes too much meth to reach the original high sensation. Rapid eye movements are also a symptom of tweaking. The person may also talk very fast.

Why Real Deal Sober Living Can Help

After you’re out of detox and you know you can live without abusing meth, you still need to go through some treatment and therapy, but also adjust to your new life.

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