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Cocaine Withdrawal Symptoms

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Recovering from cocaine addiction is no walk in the park. When you are trying to recover, you will deal with withdrawal symptoms, which are very difficult to overcome. It doesn’t matter if you gradually stop abusing cocaine or if you do it immediately – withdrawal symptoms are bound to appear one way or another.

Most symptoms are brain-centered, and people dealing with them will change their behavior. Therefore, it is very important to seek professional help so that you stop abusing the harmful drug and keep your withdrawal symptoms under control.

What Is Cocaine?

Cocaine is a stimulant, very addictive drug that is obtained from coca. It can be extracted from two different species of coca, respectively Erythroxylum novogranatense and Erythroxylum coca. Most of the time, it is used as a euphoriant and recreational drug.

Coca leaves have been chewed by people in South America for thousands of years, as they had stimulant effects, just like the cocaine that is made from them. The cocaine hydrochloride purified chemical was isolated from the plant over 100 years ago, and purified cocaine used to be the main ingredient in a lot of elixirs and tonics in the 1900s.

These substances were used in the treatment of many illnesses. They were also helpful for surgeons in blocking pain back before synthetic local anesthetics were developed.

Even first Coca-Cola formulations contained the ingredient. But after a lot of research, it was discovered that cocaine is extremely addictive and can also change the structure of the brain, as well as its function when used frequently.

Right now, cocaine is considered a Schedule II drug. Therefore, it indicates that the abuse potential is very high, but sometimes it can be administered by doctors for medical use. Such uses include local anesthesia for certain throat, ear, and eye surgeries.

What Does Cocaine Do?

Cocaine will increase your energy, attention, and alertness levels. This drug will send high dopamine levels into your body, more specifically in the parts of the brain responsible for pleasure. It is often called rock, crack, blow, snow or coke.

Furthermore, there are different forms of cocaine. The one most commonly used is the powdered form. The other one is a solid rock crystal. Cocaine is consumed by snorting it, dissolving it and injecting it into a vein, or heating it until it is sublimated and then inhaling it.

Usually, dealers will dilute the drug with non-psychoactive substances like baking soda, flour, talcum powder, or cornstarch. This is done in order to boost profits.

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Cocaine Addiction Symptoms

Cocaine is one of the most addictive drugs out there. As it’s a stimulant drug, cocaine will make an individual feel more euphoric, and it will increase alertness. Usually, it is easy to notice changes in behavior when someone abuses it. A cocaine user will feel restless, energetic, upbeat, paranoid, irritable, and will be sensitive to sound, light, or touch.

But when someone is using it repeatedly, there will be more severe signs of abuse. Health problems will appear, and some damage may even be irreversible. Frequent use of cocaine will result in symptoms like:

  • Mood issues
  • Hepatitis or HIV (in case the drug is injected)
  • Lung damage
  • Headaches
  • Seizures and convulsions
  • Sexual issues
  • Bowel decay (in case the drug is swallowed)
  • Heart attack, heart disease, and stroke
  • Runny nose, nosebleeds, loss of smell, and difficulty swallowing

Symptoms that last long-term

Furthermore, the drug will cause strong cravings for the individual who abuses it. The more they use cocaine, the more their brains and bodies will adapt to it – thus, the quantity they’ll need will be higher and higher. This can result in an overdose at some point.

The chemistry of the brain will also be altered, and the body and the mind will start relying on the drug. As a result, the individual will be unable to sleep or think properly, or even remember certain things. The reaction time will also be much slower, and the risk of lung, stomach, and heart issues will be higher. Finding help becomes a crucial issue for those suffering these symptoms.

Cocaine Addict Suffering Symptoms

Withdrawal Symptoms

Withdrawal symptoms for cocaine will usually be brain-centered and less physical. Here are some of the symptoms an addict will deal with in cocaine withdrawal:


Cocaine is known to boost dopamine levels, which can give feelings of pleasure. So, the brain is used to this and will expect the same dopamine levels given by cocaine. When an addict stops using it and not enough dopamine is created anymore, depression could appear.


One of the most common cocaine withdrawal symptoms is cravings. The American Addiction Centers state that cocaine cravings could appear as soon as 90 minutes after the use of the drug. Someone who stopped using it will have a very strong need to use cocaine and will look for any way possible to find it and abuse it.

Suicidal Thoughts

When they aren’t experiencing the drug’s effects, those dealing with cocaine withdrawal will start feeling completely hopeless. Therefore, an intervention will be necessary to help them overcome these symptoms.

What To Do If You're Addicted

If you or someone else is dealing with cocaine withdrawal that makes it impossible to stay away from the drug, seeking professional help is crucial. A detox program will not only help the person while the drug’s effects leave their bodies, but it will also make sure the former addict doesn’t resort to self-harm or find ways to use the drug again.

Rehab programs will feature professionals who will help addicts get back on their feet. Treatment will often be necessary to treat the withdrawal symptoms.

Getting Help

After detox, you will need a place to relax and make sure you are away from any temptation. Real Deal can help you out through a sober living program that conducts regular testing and offers comfortable homes while you are learning how to function in society.

You will learn new skills, you can get a job and pay your own bills. All of this can be achieved with Real Deal.

Do not hesitate to seek help for cocaine withdrawal symptoms if you have any! Reach out as soon as you can to prevent any risky situations.

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