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About The Dallas Arboretum and Botanical Garden

The Dallas Arboretum is a serene place that has many different kinds of plants and flowers. Some of the more popular plants are petunias, chrysanthemums, and hydrangeas. The arboretum also has butterflies flying around so you can see them from your car window as you drive in. During the Spring, there are many different colors of tulips everywhere. Tulips are a type of flower that is very popular with gardening fans. The Dallas Arboretum has everything from an indoor conservatory to water features on the outside. There are also many events and seminars being held at the arboretum during certain times of the year. Every spring, the Dallas Arboretum hosts an event called the ‘flower fest’. Flower fest is a fun event where you can walk through trails and see many types of flowers. There are also food and craft stations you can stop at along the way. The arboretum boasts over 230 acres of land and 25 different gardens. You can find the Arboretum in Dallas, Texas.

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