Our Cost

The bedroom in one of our sober living homes

Our Sunridge facility is a mere $1,500 a month. Your payment to Real Deal Recovery includes the following:

  • Rent

  • Utilities

  • Bedding

  • A fully furnished room

  • Cable

  • Internet

  • A gym membership

  • Protein and workout supplements

  • Transportation (DART and bus passes)

  • All the food you can eat


Why are We the Cheapest (for the most) in DFW?

Our method is simple; We believe that sober living should be all inclusive. In providing all day-to-day essentials, we save each resident hundreds every month. Additionally, we keep all the payments in house. This means that no money needs to be spent outside of the monthly rent.

What About Other DFW Sober Living?

Every other highly structured, highly accountable sober living in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metro begins at $2,750. One of the main reasons we started in Dallas was for this reason exactly; we knew that it was unfair for the modern man to pay these prices. So, here we are, right in the middle, ready to help those who need it most.


The living room in one of our sober living homes

When are Payments Due and How are they Accepted?

All payments are due on the first. This means that when a resident stays throughout the month, or any date that is not the first, then the rent is prorated and any remaining balance is due on the following first of the next month. .

Payments may be accepted in check, cash or online. The online payment system is simple to complete and easy to navigate through. Simply scroll down to the bottom of any page on our website and click “Make a Payment”.


Why a One-Time $500 Deposit?

We charge a $500 deposit for a couple of reasons.

  1. This ensures that any damages caused by a resident will be paid for.

  2. The deposit holds the resident accountable for working on himself for 6 months. (Deposit is refunded after 6 months)

  3. The motivation to receive the deposit back allows the resident enough time to fully cultivate an experience within himself, with his family, and with society.


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