Sober Living

Costs of sober living are different for each individual company. Some companies offer many amenities while others offer very few. Luckily, we offer them both. And at an unbeatable price. 

Bedroom at one of our sober living homes


We have two different programs with two different fees. All of our locations include fully furnished housing, utilities, water, and internet.


Our signature program is $1,500 per month and includes:

  • All amenities included in Barebones
  • Food
  • Transportation
  • Gym Membership



Our barebones program is $700 per month and includes:

  • Live-In Staff
  • Accountability Meetings
  • Fully Furnished Homes
  • UA/Breathalyzer Testing

What do other sober living companies cost?

The main reason we chose Dallas to start a sober living company was because of the huge gap in prices. The cheaper, less structured options were very inexpensive. But these companies had very little amenities to offer. And the extremely expensive sober living’s were outrageously pricey. We couldn’t find any that were below $2,450/Month. Yeah, we know it’s crazy. 

So, we created Real Deal. Right here in Dallas! And as we have grown, so has our price options and programs. Meaning, we are able to offer the best services at the best prices. 

Cost of this sober living is $1,500/month. This is our signature West Plano property.

No cost

There are many halfway house programs and some forms of transitional living programs that are free. The two programs we have listed below are programs we believe in and trust. Soul’s Harbor and Salvation Army’s Rehabilitation services have saved many lives. We are blessed to call them friends and share this journey with them. 

No cost sober living company

Soul’s harbor is an awesome program here in Dallas that is free. We love Soul’s Harbor. They have and continue to save many lives. 

Zero Cost sober living is found at salvation army. They are amazing people with an amazing program.

Salvation Army is a well known non-profit. They have many services helping many people. One of their services is a no cost sober living for addicts and alcoholics. 

Sober living cost should not
stop you

If you or a loved one is struggling with addiction or alcoholism and needs to find a free place to live, reach out to us. Even if we are not a perfect fit, we are happy to assist however we can!

Where do you

Luckily, we make payments easy. With our Payment center, you can make custom payments, pay your entry fee or make monthly payments for any of our programs. 

We get a lot of questions as to why we have an entry fee. So, when you go to make an entry fee payment, you are basically paying us more for the first month because of the risk we are taking. We would never suggest that an individual is more likely to cause trouble, but we have been burned in the past and must protect ourselves. Questions? Click the FAQ button below.

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