What is True Dallas Sober Living?

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Why are we the best Sober Living Home?

Besides the beautiful facilities and all the amenities, we are the best because of several reasons.

  1. Our Community
  2. Zero Tolerance Policy
  3. Chapter System
  4. Pride


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Our Community

 Residents studying the Alcoholics Anonymous Big Book

This is the keystone of our program. We understand that recovery ends with me and begins with us. We have a fellowship of brothers inside our facilities that will put aside their pride, ego, beliefs and past behaviors to help each other. We put everything aside because we are equal. We are each suffering from the disease of addiction. Together we will survive or alone we will die.

Zero Tolerance Policy 

The zero tolerance policy allows for structure and accountability to blossom. When the rules are followed accordingly nothing but growth, self-love and passion will occur. The no nonsense policy works because the disease of addiction is life threatening and we must treat it as such. Meaning, we must continue to take our disease and our position in the community seriously. Once a true alcoholic/addict begins to use he will not stop. We hope to avoid that completely. By following a zero tolerance policy, that is possible.

Chapter System 

The chapter system is phenomenal because it applies freedom and responsibility to the growth of a resident. This means he will have later curfew hours and overnight passes if, and only if he proves to be productive in and outside of the house. The chapter system will continue to show each resident and his family the strength, prosperity and dedication he is applying. We love to talk as addicts, but with the chapter system in place we only listen to action.


Pride is something that cannot be cultivated elsewhere. Once entering a Real Deal Facility, residents will come to understand the meaning of pride. We not only clean our personal areas, but we clean community areas as well. We begin to comprehend the meaning of self-care by starting with the little things. Each resident will continue to stay clean, have pride in the community and in himself or he will get out. We are invested in saves lives not playing games.

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