Sober Living Homes

Sober living homes are, simply put, structured environments for recovering addicts and alcoholics. Between accountability meetings, UA/Breathalyzer testing, in-house management and cleanliness, sober living residents are able to thrive while sober.

Our dallas sober living home
A picture of our NE Dallas Sober living home

Sober Living Home Benefits

Beyond the obvious structure, accountability and community, sober living offers much to the recovering addict. Below is a simple list of benefits for sober living:

  • Cleanliness

Learning to clean up after yourself is crucial in recovery. It may seem minuscule, but after we start the day off by making our bed, things get better. In fact, making your bed is such a beneficial act of progress, that many studies have been posted on this. Making your bed and cleaning up after yourself is not just for the military. It’s for those who want to better themselves. 

  • Hobbies 

In sober living, developing positive hobbies is extremely important. And it’s much easier to succeed at hobbies with a group of people who you live with and see daily. Our program has a specific focus on exercise, weight loss and the benefits of an active lifestyle.

  • Employment

When you enter our sober living program, you are immediately connected with other residents who work. It is not an understatement to acknowledge the importance of having a job. Beyond the financial necessities that a job provides, it also teaches us consistency, gratitude and humility.

  • Friendships

Connecting with others is a big part of recovery. So is having an environment to do so. But, creating friendships that will last a lifetime is an irreplaceable gift. Sober living offers an unavoidable opportunity to connect with others. 

  • Pride

Pride is something that is hard to be cultivated elsewhere. Once entering a Real Deal Facility, residents will come to understand the meaning of pride. We not only develop pride thru cleaning our personal areas, but by doing things for others. Each resident will continue to stay clean, have pride in the community and in himself.

Sober Living Community

Sober Living Community

The community is the keystone of our program. We understand that recovery ends with me and begins with us. We have a fellowship of people inside our facilities that will put aside their pride, ego, beliefs and past behaviors to help each other. We put everything aside because we are equal. We are equal because each of us is suffering from the disease of addiction. Together we will survive.


Costs can vary for sober living. Our programs costs are $900-$1500 per month. The $900/month program is our Barebones program. In this program we offer fully furnished housing, live-in management, UA/Breathalyzer testing and much more. Our $1,500/Month program is our Signature program. The Signature program is all inclusive. This means we provide food, transportation (Bus/DART Pass), personal gym membership and much more.

Sober Living Homes Set-up

Most sober living homes offer rooms for rent with 2-8 beds per room. At Real Deal, we only have 2 beds per room (besides the master which has 3 beds). We think cramming people inside a room is not only disgusting, immoral and implausible, but it causes residents to have a terrible stay. We believe each resident should love where they live.

Nice bedroom at richardson sober living
A bedroom at our Richardson Sober living home.
Bedroom in Plano sober living
A typical bedroom in our Plano Sober living home.

Finding The Right Home

Ultimately, finding the best fit for sober living comes down to the structure, not the amenities of the house. Luckily, at Real Deal we offer both. But, if we are not a perfect fit for you, that’s okay. We don’t expect to be the right fight for everyone. Even if we are not your choice for sober living, we would be honored to help you find somewhere that is. 

Looking for sober living? We can help. Reach out to us anytime. All conversations are free and confidential.