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Addiction Recovery House Dallas

real deal addiction recovery house dallas

Real Deal Sober Living is proud to be at the forefront of drug and alcohol addiction recovery in Dallas. With locations in Dallas, Richardson, and Plano, Texas, we offer a nurturing and supportive environment to individuals struggling with addiction.

Our Mission and Vision

Our mission is to facilitate personal growth and cultivate healthy relationships for those seeking long-term recovery. Our recovery programs ensure that residents live in a sober environment geared towards rebuilding their lives free from substance use disorders. Our vision is to be the most effective and affordable option in Dallas, TX, for those seeking sobriety.

Comprehensive Recovery Programs

Our program goes beyond traditional sober living programs. We focus on the following:

  • Accountability: Our live-in house managers conduct regular drug tests and facilitate daily meetings. This level of accountability ensures that our residents remain committed to their recovery journey. Additionally, our residents are encouraged to take responsibility for their actions, which is critical for long-term sobriety.

  • Personal Growth: At Real Deal Sober Living, personal growth is integral to recovery. Our residents are offered life skills training essential for independence and personal development. Through workshops, educational programs, and career development assistance, our residents are empowered to make significant strides in their personal lives.

  • Community Building: Building a strong sense of community is paramount in recovery. Our residents become part of a drug and alcohol rehab recovery community where peer support and fellowship are highly encouraged. This sense of belonging helps build resilience against relapse and creates a supportive network beyond their time in our sober living homes.

Why Choose Us: The Real Deal Approach

Real Deal Sober Living stands out from traditional sober living homes. Our unique approach to a recovery lifestyle emphasizes overcoming active addiction and building a new life in recovery. Our sober living programs include:

  • Structured Environment: We understand the importance of structure in recovery. That’s why we offer a structured, supportive environment conducive to healing and growth. Our residents adhere to a daily schedule that includes therapy sessions, group meetings, and personal time for reflection and self-improvement.

  • Comprehensive Support: Our commitment to our residents’ recovery extends to comprehensive support. We offer therapy, ensure a consistent diet, encourage regular exercise, and facilitate group therapy. We believe addressing a person’s physical, mental, and emotional aspects is vital for holistic healing.

  • All-Inclusive Living: One of the unique features of Real Deal Sober Living is all-inclusive living. All bills are included, allowing residents to focus solely on their recovery without worrying about managing financial obligations. This removes unnecessary stress, allowing for total immersion in the recovery process.

  • Career Development and Education: We provide our residents with resources and support in career development and education. This involves helping them build resumes, prepare for job interviews, and access educational opportunities to improve their qualifications.

  • Life in Balance: We aim to equip our residents with the tools to create a balanced lifestyle. This includes promoting healthy eating habits, regular exercise, and engaging in hobbies and interests that contribute positively to their well-being.

  • Family Involvement: Knowing the importance of family in the recovery process, we encourage family involvement. We provide counseling for families and create opportunities for family members to participate in their loved one’s recovery journey.

By choosing Real Deal Sober Living, you are not just selecting a program or a place to live; you are choosing a family, a community, and a structured program committed to your holistic recovery and personal growth.

Holistic Approach to Treatment

At Real Deal Sober Living, we understand that each person is unique, and this recognition is fundamental in our approach to inpatient treatment options. Our services are meticulously tailored to meet our residents’ individual needs, fostering their growth and recovery. Crucially, our addiction recovery house in Dallas employs a holistic approach that goes beyond the physical aspects of addiction. We integrate counseling, career development, and life skills training to comprehensively address the various aspects of an individual’s life impacted by addiction. We aim to cultivate a well-rounded recovery that considers the mental, emotional, and social facets of our residents’ lives.

Our Drug and Alcohol Addiction Recovery Homes

Real Deal Sober Living Homes are spread across various locations in Dallas, Texas. Each of our homes is designed to foster community and support, which is essential for a successful recovery from alcoholism and drug abuse.

  • NE Dallas Sober Living Home

Our NE Dallas location is the epitome of serenity and comfort. The sober living environment encourages both personal and communal growth. With amenities tailored to promote sobriety, this home serves as a sanctuary and sober living environment where residents can rebuild their lives away from the pressures of the outside world.

  • Richardson Sober Living Home

Located in Richardson, this sober living home boasts a community-oriented environment. Our residents engage in group activities and discussions that foster strong bonds. The house is designed to ensure that the residents have access to all the necessary resources contributing to a successful complete recovery program.

  • OG Plano Sober Living Home

The OG Plano location is known for its warmth and homely feel. Residents here are encouraged to participate in their treatment and recovery process actively. The house features comfortable rooms, communal areas for fellowship, and outdoor space for relaxation and reflection.

  • West Plano Sober Living Home

Our West Plano home combines luxury with functionality. With spacious rooms and state-of-the-art amenities, this house is tailored to ensure our residents have the best environment to focus on their recovery. The community activities at this location aim to provide residents who are engaged and actively involved in their personal growth.

  • Farmers Branch Sober Living Home

The Farmers Branch location exudes tranquility. With its scenic surroundings, this home is ideal for those looking to recover in a calm and peaceful environment. The supportive atmosphere ensures that residents can focus on healing, establishing routines, and building lasting relationships with peers.

Benefits of Joining Our Recovery Community

Joining our recovery community offers clients and their families the following:

  • A path to stop drinking and using drugs.

  • A supportive environment for maintaining sobriety.

  • An opportunity for education and job progress.

Pets Are Welcome

We recognize the role pets play in recovery. We allow pets at our treatment facility locations, knowing that a loved one from the animal kingdom can provide patients with immeasurable comfort and support.

A New Lease on Life

Real Deal Sober Living is not just a room in a house – it’s an addiction recovery home. It’s a place where residents and their families can find hope and be grateful for the support and services offered to recover and enjoy living life while embracing sobriety.

Contact Us Today

If you or a loved one is struggling with drug or alcohol addiction, don’t hesitate to contact Real Deal Sober Living. Our professional team is here to guide you on the path to recovery. Experience the difference and start living anew in our Addiction Recovery House in Dallas.



Our Richardson home is perfect for anyone looking to live in a great city while staying sober, finding a job, and focusing on personal growth.


Our Plano Home is ginormous, with beautiful rooms and open spaces.


The West Plano home is modern, sleek, with a pool, pool table, and much more.


The Farmers Branch home is located near jobs, transportation, and plenty of opportunities.


Our Dallas home is a beautifully simple property with all benefits you could ever need!